Tinseltown Showdown: Day 1 Recap

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CULVER CITY, CA: Day 1 of the Tinseltown Showdown kicked off with an exciting game between the Sacred City Sacrificers and the Tent City Terrors of Arizona Roller Derby.  Game 2 was won by a larger margin, but was an intense and physical matchup between the Angel City Hollywood Scarlets and the Santa Cruz Derby Girls Boardwalk Bombshells.  AZRD beat Sacred City, 266-115. The Hollywood Scarlets defeated the Boardwalk Bombshells, 344-85.

GAME 1: Arizona Terrorizes Sacred City, 266-115.

The first game on Day 1 of Tinseltown Showdown featured fast moving packs and fancy footwork from jammers on both sides. Arizona blockers recycled the Sacred jammers throughout the game and reformed quickly in the back of the pack. Sacred City left both lines open and AZRD repeatedly took advantage. There was aggressive defense on both sides, but AZRD was able to reform faster, which was a major factor in the Terror’s effectiveness.

Standout jammers in the game were: Ariel-LA-Twister for Sacred City with fast, fancy footwork combined with smart, patient jamming.  Ariel-LA-Twister had the most success when AZRD made the mistake of giving her space to pick up speed and juke around the outside. For AZRD, Luz Chaos and Carbomb-ya made an impact, taking advantage of their tight footwork and explosive moves to bust through the Sacrificer’s wall.

Luz Chaos kicked things off for the Tent City Terrors with a lead call and a quick 4 points for Arizona. AZRD picked up 3 lead calls, but sent two blockers to the box while Sacred maintained a full pack.  Being down blockers did not stop Luz Chaos from snagging lead in the next jam however, which extended their lead streak to four.  Sacred was able to get their jammers out, but not before AZRD jammers smartly called off the jam.

Ariel-LA-Twister finally earned lead jammer status for the Sacrificers five minutes in, and seconds after, Carbomb-ya picked up a cut. That left Ariel-LA-Twister alone on the track to score 15 points for Sacred and AZRD clung to their lead by two points. Thanks to a power start, Sacred got a second lead but no points. When AZRD was at full strength, Sacred struggled to break out, but they did take the lead by one point, 18-17 with just 10 minutes gone.

A forearm was called on Shock-N-Auburn on Sacred, but Luz Chaos followed her to the box. Sacred completed a star pass upon return, but that jammer received a penalty as well, closing the jam out with a power jam to AZRD.  Sacred’s jammer was released in time to start the next jam.

This rotation of jammers to the box continued as a cut on Ariel-LA-Twister gave AZRD another short-lived power jam as Deja Deja Vu followed up with a penalty of her own. Luz picked up a forearm and served her full penalty before Shock-N-Auburn headed to the box in the second to last jam of the half.

At the break, Arizona led Sacred 124-64.

AZRD started out strong with lead status, but the first jam ended in 0-0. About four minutes into the half, Pink Freud broke out for Sacred’s first lead and points. AZRD was able to continually recycle Sacred, reforming quickly in a tripod with one blocker to bridge the pack.

Pink Freud took a seat in the box for 30 seconds, but Sacred was able to knock out and draw back Luz Chaos to kill some of the power jam.  A high-block on Freud sent her back to the box, giving Luz Chaos a double power jam. AZRD took advantage of the cracks in Sacred’s walls and was able to sneak up the inside and outside lines.

When Carbomb-ya headed to the box, Sacred hoped to pick up points to make up for the last double power jam against them during a full two minute jam. Ariel-LA-Twister found the most success jamming against R2Death2, using her speed and agility to break through.

Sacred’s jammer smartly called off the next jam after being awarded lead despite not being the jammer in the lead.  With only two blockers for each team on the track, Ariel-LA-Twister flew out of the small pack after AZRD chose to start a few feet off the jam line.  Arizona got penalty heavy late in the second half, and went three consecutive jams with only 2 blockers on the track.

With 6 minutes left in the game, both teams were back at full strength for one jam. Then Deja Deja Vu gave Sacred a power jam by heading to the box, but AZRD’s blockers brutalized Sacred’s jammer. Their quick pull-backs and resetting drew a cut on Ariel-LA-Twister, allowing AZRD to focus on providing coordinated offense to help their jammer through. A cut on Rose Villain of Sacred City left Deja Deja Vu alone on the track for the final jam of the game, securing Arizona’s win, 266-115.

GAME 2: Angel City Blows Up Santa Cruz, 344-85.

The second game of Tinseltown Showdown featured the host team, the Angel City Hollywood Scarlets, versus the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells.  Santa Cruz’s wall was no match for ACDG’s powerful jammers who were able to out maneuver SCDG’s defense and blow holes in the Bombshell’s wall. Angel City swarmed around Santa Cruz’s jammers and trapped them in a relentless tornado-esque wall that Santa Cruz could not find an answer for. Santa Cruz relied on star passes and a dedicated offensive blocker to help their jammers.

Angel City took control from the first jam, where Satan’s Little Helper destroyed the wall, and picked up 14 points.  Santa Cruz passed the star in two of the first three jams, but couldn’t get points on the board. Sweet Baby G escaped the Angel City wall by taking the outside line, but received a cut.  Five minutes into the game Angel City dominated 41-0.

TARAism picked up the first lead jammer call of the game and put up 3 points for Santa Cruz.  Then ACDG recycled her multiple times, holding her in the pack thanks to aggressive one-on-one backwards blocking by Soledad which resulted in an effective penalty kill for the Hollywood Scarlets.  Santa Cruz was able to eek out 2 hard-earned points, brining their total to 5.

Santa Cruz completed another star pass from Queen Litigious to CoraZone, but Angel City drew a cut and sent her to the box.  CoraZone was released from the box and laid a huge hit on a blocker standing in her way to escape the pack, but the jam was called before she could collect any points.

Ace Wenchura earned lead and 5 points following a power start for Santa Cruz, after Micki Krimmel was sent to the box late in the last jam, in a call that was contested by ACDG’s bench. Late in the half, Santa Cruz’s jammers were able to find their way through the pack faster, forcing quick call offs by ACDG that ended a few jams at 0-0.  Once again, Micki Krimmel headed to the box, while Ace Wenchura went on a power jam with only two Angel City blockers, adding 5 more points for Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz switched things up with a pivot line start but Ghetto Fabu-lez flew by the pack. Skirt Vonnegut added 3 points for Santa Cruz after being passed the star.  Shamrock N. Roller did great work at the front of the pack but it was not enough to hold back Angel City.

At the half Angel City held a commanding lead, 173-23.

Despite Angel City’s lead, Santa Cruz’s made a significant comeback in the second half. Angel City continued to control the game but Santa Cruz managed to break out of the pack earlier and more consistently. The Boardwalk Bombshells were also able to capitalize on the Scarlets’ mistakes, including multiple power jams.

Angel City’s jammers were consistently able to juke and fake out Santa Cruz’s blockers, splitting and spreading the defense. Standout jammers were Ace Wenchura for Santa Cruz and Satan’s Little Helper for Angel City. Shamrock N. Roller was a force to be reckoned with for Santa Cruz, heading up the tripod blocking, and often the last of line of defense for the Bombshells.

Santa Cruz started the half with two blockers in the box, making it easy for Satan’s Little Helper to break out and and pick up 4 points untouched.  Ace Wenchura did her part to put the pressure on her, getting out right behind Satan’s Little Helper and forced the call off.

Skirt Vonnegut was rocked by a high block and then again by a legal chest hit. Later Micki Krimmel went to the box for a cut allowing Skirt to finish a two-minute jam with 16 points. Ace Wenchura started the jam on a power start and picked up some more points, but unfortunately cut the track after Micki Krimmel returned to the track.

Queen Litigious was whipped to her first lead call that resulted in a hectic jam with both teams sending blockers to the box. Then Skirt Vonnegut passed the star to Hell Louise after Chica Go Lightning went to the box.

Ace Wenchura sprinted out of the pack for lead with Ghetto Fabu-lez hot on her heels. It became a foot race that ended in a failed apex jump by Ace Wenchura, and Fabu-lez crashing into her, receiving a high block.

With ten minutes left in the second half, Santa Cruz scored 40 points, more than doubling their score in the first half.  Their defense found more success as well, holding Angel City to 80 points at that point. Angel City continued to build on their lead for the rest of the game though, and defeated Santa Cruz, 344-85.

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