The color of Easter was GREEN

This year our Easter was more about derby than eggs. Local derbyphiles got a welcomed break from all the chocolate munching when Dirty River Roller Grrrls (Turku, Finland) and Dublin Roller Derby visited us in Pasila for a double header game. For our All-Stars it was an important prep game before their WTF-tour to America, and for our C-cassettes it was a historical, first ever public game. And boy, did we have a good time!

C-cassette made history 

In the frst game of the event DRRG’s well established B-team Åbo-bajs played against the C-cassette. Despite the disasterous training space situation this spring here in Helsinki, C-cassette had managed to prepare for this major event and the team was stronger than ever before. The turqoise “Swans” were known to be a tough opponent and there was excitement in the air. How would it turn out? Would our hard work be rewarded in front of the home audience?

It was a good game and the opponent made our guys fight for every point. At first the game was very even but slowly the Cassettes managed to build up a healthy lead. It was great to see how well our youngest team defended against the opponent’s advances and how determinate our new jammer stars were when they time and time again smashed or slipped through the Turku defense. The Swans were not an easy opponent and there were times when they kept the Cassettes at bay but we recovered fast from those moments.

The historical game ended 267-123 for the Cassettes in front of the cheering home crowd. It was an emotional moment. We will hear more of these ladies!

Bunch of happy C-cassettes! This I would like the get rewinded!

Bunch of happy C-cassettes! This I would like the get rewinded again and again and again!

All-Stars nailed their last prep game before Big O

The second game was played between the awesome Dublin Roller Derby A-team and our very own Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars. Since the Queen B’s have represented HRD in the national cup this year, the Turtles had played only one game in 2015. Instead they have been practicing hard and preparing for their upcoming tour in America. For the audience it was a rare treat to see the best of Finland on their home track.

From the first whistle the All-Stars showed everybody that they have used their time under the radar well. Dublin is a good WFTDA-member league full of top-tier skaters but they just couldn’t match the greenskins’ skill and most of all teamwork. It was like telepathy, almost eerie. All those green shirted skaters moving like a single organism. HRD accumulated 107 points before the Celts managed to score their first point.

But Violent Bob’s troops didn’t surrender. After the terrible start they devised new strategies and used cunning where strength had failed them. We saw many star passes and occassions where Dublin’s jammer tried to sneak past our defense with the helmet cover in her hand. Many times these stratagems worked and the Dubliners got back to the game. Still, it was too little too late and the green machine could not be stopped. The final score was 377 – 105 in HRD’s favor.

These ladies are ready for their big American adventure. Watch out Big O!

Turtles enjoyed their last game in front of the home audience before their WTF-tour.

Turtles enjoyed their last game in front of the home audience before their WTF-tour.

Text: Johannes

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