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Today this ‘tog started Fresh Meat training.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

My face is still purple, despite a long cold bath. I’m still sweating, so I’m going to have to shower later on as well. My back is sore, my legs are sore, my feet are sore - In fact I’m having a pretty hard time thinking of any part of my body that came away unscathed. Perhaps my eyebrows…

Despite heading in to the fray with good intentions to capture video of my efforts, I got so wound up in the excitement and fun of it all I neglected to collect more than just a few minutes worth. I’m committed to the idea though, and will be sure to get a good amount during the next training and putting together a bit of video.

So here’s what I took away from Day One: Firstly, I’m about as fit as a half-eaten packet of expired chocolate biscuits. Secondly, in spite of the previous *shocking* revelation (  :D  ) I do have strengths; I managed the planking exercises just fine, and while I did have to put real effort in I do feel that I could have managed even more. This leads in to my third point which is that I also have weaknesses. Lots and lots of crippling weaknesses. Is this a bad thing? Not really – at least I now know what I’ve got to work on, and thanks to Corp and Sherriff (AKA Dr. Love) I have a plan to put in action to address my shortcomings. (Those who understand the seedy inside joke may chortle quietly to themselves *now*)

So what’s next? Let’s do it all again on Tuesday! This time, I’ll remember the puke bucket.

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