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In 2013, WFTDA debuted a new ranking system that involved three separate divisions. As part of this, we saw the first-ever round of Division 2 playoffs and championships, bringing together some WFTDA tournament veterans and first-timers. In a nail-biting last game, the Jet City Rollergirls of Everett, WA took the win over the Santa Cruz Derby Girls’ Boardwalk Bombshells with a final score of 195 to 194, a thrilling ending to WFTDA’s first Division 2 Championship.

For 2014, Derby News Network will be featuring a weekly column showcasing up to date D2 news and results, and will also highlight upcoming games and tournaments throughout the season.

Editor’s Note: for the purposes of this article and all others on the topic Division 1 can be assumed to mean the current top 40 teams; Division 2 are the teams currently ranked 41-100. This is reflective of where teams would be divisioned if a split was done each month, rather than annually. We use the term as shorthand to reflect current position and the battle for those division’s playoffs, rather than to describe annual gameplay requirements.

Currently, both Jet City and Santa Cruz have broken into Division 1, and Sac City (WFTDA 39) tops Division 2. Sac City is followed closely by the Brandywine Roller Girls (WFTDA 40) of Chester County, Pennsylvania. WFTDA 41 belongs to the Columbia Quad Squad of Columbia South Carolina.

The release of new rankings on March 31 saw several big jumps and falls in position in the D2 realm. Some noteworthy jumps were made by SoCal Derby of San Diego, CA, who moved up from WFTDA 60 to WFTDA 43, though the team is still technically classified as Division 3. St. Chux Derby Chix of St. Charles, Missouri moved up 10 spots as well and are now WFTDA 53. Brandywine moved from WFTDA 53 to WFTDA 40, taking two big wins in March over Cincinnati and Ithaca.

Two noteworthy falls in rank since last season are the Carolina Rollergirls, sitting at WFTDA 80 currently after making a D2 playoff appearance in 2013, and the Chicago Outfit, WFTDA 59, who maintained rank in the top 50 in 2013. Suburbia and NEO Roller Derby were also 2013 playoff contenders, and have maintained their positions since last season.

In addition to these teams, the Killamazoo Derby Darlins (WFTDA 52) have made a notable jump since last season overtaking Michigan rivals Grand Raggidy Roller Girls (WFTDA 62) in the September 2013 rankings. However, both teams saw a fall in position with the March 31 release.

This last weekend saw one of the most significant events of Division 2 so far in 2014: Skate to Thrill. This gave several Midwest D2 teams an opportunity to face off for potential improvements in rank. This weekend brought the Fort Myers Derby Girls (WFTDA 54), NEO Roller Derby (WFTDA 57), Blue Ridge Roller Girls (WFTDA 45), Paper Valley Roller Girls (WFTDA 58), Brewcity Bruisers (WFTDA 64), Twin City Derby Girls (WFTDA 77), North Star Roller Girls (WFTDA 71), Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls (WFTDA 73), and Des Moines Derby Dames (WFTDA 75) together for a jam-packed weekend of competition. Keep your eyes out for a fuller run-down of those events in the near future.

Left 4 Deadwards contributed to this report.

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