The Rookie Diary | Being Proud of Your Bruises

The past week has been tough for this roller derby rookie. Things at my new job went from steady to insane in the space of 24 hours and of course when work gets busy the best way to relax is to pack your entire life into boxes ready for a big move.

It’s safe to say I was firmly looking forward to taking some frustration out on my fellow rookies. Unfortunately for me this week’s focus was transitions, not hitting.

Transitions are hard. Transitioning at speed is one of the most terrifying things I have had to do so far in training, especially considering I find doing them slowly pretty scary. Sometimes I bottle it resulting in me doing some weird shoulder twists while swearing at myself, others I completely mess up landing in a heap on the floor.

This week there was a lot of the latter but as our coaches 5 Polly Filla and RO4R Smashasaurus Bex say “if you’re falling over it means you are trying”.

In that case, I was trying really hard. I even got my first roller derby bruise (a fact I am weirdly proud of).

We transitioned through pace lines and round the track – jumping, pivoting and opening/closing the book. It was gruelling.

But there was silver lining: My transitions actually started to improve. Who knew?

Apparently, practice does make perfect (okay perfection is a bit optimistic, more like practice makes progress).

The Amy seen at this session is a far cry from the one assessed just a few short weeks ago. I couldn’t even fathom a transition then. Case and point: I got a big fat zero in that box in our minimum skills assessment. Now I might get a one.

Win of the week: landing a jump transition on my feet (not on my bum)!

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