The Molly Roger Rollergirls Vs. Gainesville Rolling Rebels


The Molly Roger Rollergirls invaded the swamp-lands of Alachua County by engaging their first WFTDA opponent, the Gainesville Rolling Rebels, of the 2013 season. Our hardy lasses made a good accounting of themselves in the sticky heat that oppresses the confines of the Alachua County Fairgrounds, but fell ever so short of victory. Stands packed with screaming fans, and the Gainesville mascot, a blue costumed giraffe, were witness to a thrilling and hard hitting bout using the newly released official rules that ended in a 212-142 victory for the Rebels. Though the game was hard fought,  it remained a clean contest with each side giving the penalty timers light work for the bout.

The Molly Rogers jumped out to a quick lead in the opening half of the game and watched it slowly slip away to a relentless assault lead by powerful player Patti Smithereens. Patti Smithereens was abole to capture the MVP jammer medal for the Gainesville roster. The strong pack play of Gainesville’s MVP blocker, Jewvenile Delinquent, and her rebel cohorts, frustrated the pirate jammers, making points hard to earn.

Snap Happy was undaunted and managed to grab many lead jammer points and a shiny MVP jammer medal in the muggy climes. Fellow jammers Masin Voorhees and Loch Nessa showed their talent and building skill that gives the pirate fans a bright outlook on the leagues future. Veteran players like MVP blocker Debo believe the future is now though, laying heavy and well placed hits on every spot of the track. Team captain, Deemented, used relentless aggression and leadership to keep her team filled with spirit and fight until the final whistle of the game.

As our beloved scallywags continue in their WFTDA apprentice journey,  they need your support to earn that official patch. So come out April 12th and welcome the Dub City Derby Girls in true Molly Roger fashion and cheer our warrior women to ever expanding heights.

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