The End of a Season, and the Beginning of a New One!

The Norfolk Brawds are gearing up for the start of a new season, keep an eye on our fixtures page for details of our upcoming games as they are scheduled!

But as we start the new season, it’s time for a little look back at the end of the last one.

We finished the year with our AGM, followed by our first ever Intraleague match. Our new role holders for 2015 were announced and you can find their contact details on our contact page if you need to get in touch.


There were some new additions for 2015, most notably the addition of coaches, captains and a bout co-ordinator for our newly formed B Team who will be up and bouting in 2015. If you’d like to play our B Team then get in touch with Becka Blocker Gorey to discuss it!

We also like to dish out some team awards at this time of year and our All Stars and Smacksons had been busy voting on their team mates for the 2014 season to dish out beautiful rosettes for the following awards!

All Stars Smacksons
Most Dedicated Philthy Delphia/NoTorious* Alfred Hitchblock
Most Inspiring Political Vagenda Johnny Crash
Most Underated Bad kitty Cupcake
Most Improved Political Vagenda Skippy The Angeroo
Most Feared Short Circuit The Flash
Most Versatile Cruel Runnings Block N Roll
Rookie of The Year Khilleesi Skippy The Angeroo
Best Pack Communicator Yours Truly The Flash
Best Blocker Short Circuit CupCake/Block N Roll*
Best jammer Penny Slain Ben Jamin
MVP Cruel Runnings/Philthy* Cupcake
Team Spirit Penny Slain/Applebite* Alfred Hitchblock/Johnny Crash*


Each year the BOD also decide on a special recognition award given to someone who’s made an outstanding contribution, it’s in the form of a ships wheel with a plaque, and the winner keeps it to grace their humble abode for a whole year.


Last years winner was Wild Honey, and this year she was in the running again!

This years nominees were:
Sugar Shark for huge efforts in the enormous coaching coordinator role
Gem Warfare for outstanding efforts in marketing officer role including revamping our website
Mallory Knocks for being super amazing & committed Head NSO who has it all under control
Wild Honey for commitment to NSOing, repping the Brawds far and wide in person and by blogging at Diary of a Roller Derby Rookie

This years final winner was Gem Warfare, who continues as our Marketing Officer into 2015.

Once the awards were dished out and the buffet devoured it was time to start welcoming the public in for our first ever Intraleague bout between the Ouse Your Daddies and the Yare Yare Yares.

It was an exciting game, but the Ouse Your Daddies were the eventual proud winners of the Norfolk Brawds Christmas Cup!

We’re already looking forward to next years rematch!


2014 was an exciting year full of change and growth for the Norfolk Brawds, and we can’t wait to see what 2015 brings us!

See you all in 2015!

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