The End of SMRD’s First Season

Did you know that roller derby season is coming to an end? It is true and a very sad for all of us roller derby enthusiasts. As the season is coming to a close, Southern Maryland Roller Derby played in one last bout this past Sunday against the Salisbury WikomIkazis. It was a wonderful ending to the very first bout season ever played by Southern Maryland Roller Derby.

The Salisbury Wikomikazis is a formidable team, only a year older than SMRD, with wonderful spirit and some amazing players. The game was hosted by the Wikomikazis and played on their home track in Salisbury, MD. The track was new to some of us SMRDers (a wood court), and it definitely took some adjusting to.

Personally, one of the most exciting things was not only was this the last bout of the season for us but for Bunny Blaze, Carbomb Kelly and myself (JuiceBox), we all played for the first time with the team. Bunny Blaze, Carbomb Kelly and myself all graduated from the same bootcamp, spring of 2014, and were BEYOND excited to be playing with the team!


We fought hard against the Wikomikazis, gave it our all and came out learning a few new things. We hope to be able to take this last bout into the off season with us and really amp up our training for the next bouting season to start next spring. This off season we will not only be doing our usual training, but we hope to mix in some cross training in the gym to add a new dynamic and really jump start us for next season.


This year we finished our first bouting season, completed two bootcamps, and got our 501c3 (nonprofit). We did so much! We have big hopes for next year and hope you’ll join us for the ride

P.S. A big thanks to Jason Walter, who shot these amazing images!

- JuiceBox

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