The Big O Saturday Roundup


Saturday’s action at The Big O featured bouts from up and down the WFTDA ranks.

At the very top, Texas put the hurt on Rose City with a 274-194 win as they look to lay a claim on the #2 ranking they believe should be theirs after Champs last year. The magnitude of the win was probably a fair reflection of the balance of play; Rose gave away far more damaging jammer penalties than Texas, and while some of these were just carelessness on the part of Rose jammers, many were expertly forced by tight pack discipline on behalf of the Texecutioners.

Two blocker / jammer battles also lifted the game. The fight between Bloody Mary–playing her second bout of the day after an outing against Rose’s B-team six hours before–and Rose’s Scylla Devourer was one of the best personal battles of the weekend so far; Scylla’s relentless clockwise hitting and Bloody Mary’s sheer force of will was a pleasure to observe. On the other side, Fifi Nomenon and Scald Eagle’s physical tustle–described by one correspondent on the ground as ‘Like the Rockefeller trying to step round the Empire State’–also showed off precise and physical derby at its very best.

Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie were responsible for the day’s two closest bouts. The WFTDA #91 team put up upset wins over WFTDA #56 Tucson (177-141) and WFTDA #39 Sac City (169-151) and went a long way to proving their playoff credentials in the process. However, despite an unbeaten record in Europe, the mere presence of multiple games against other European teams makes them actually qualifying for playoffs or being ranked above the teams they have beaten come July exceptionally unlikely.

The most absurd score of the day (and the weekend, really) came from the rapidly rising Arizona team against Japan’s Kokeshi Roller Dolls. The Tent City Terrors won by a frankly ridiculous 657-102 margin–but due to the fact that Kokeshi are currently unranked, this result will drag the TCT’s average down from the playoffs-qualification cut-off. With the strength of their other results over the past 12 months this may well not matter, but it’ll certainly mean they’re not as highly rated as they should be.

Oly (WFTDA #12) took the track for the second time too, and picked up their first sanctioned win of the year. Their 219-84 win over a Treasure Valley (WFTDA #48) team that was demolished by Bay Area 635-12 earlier this year was as powerful a sign as their big loss to Texas on day one that the Oly Rollers are not going to be a particular force in the postseason this year. The bout also saw what appeared to be Oly’s second expulsion of the weekend; the mercurial journeyman skater ReAnimateHer was removed from play in the first half–but this was actually for fouling out at this early stage.

Elsewhere, Texas’ offense exploded in a 555-73 win over former South Central rivals Kansas City, Terminal City announced their late arrival with a 342-75 win over Sac City and make their Sunday game against the Oly Rollers one to watch, and hometown team Emerald City continued their impressive run of form with a very impressive 237-117 win over Humbolt.

In MRDA action, things went very much with rankings; MRDA #5 Puget Sound thumped MRDA #15 Drive-By 217-61, while #6 Bridgetown Menace #12 Arizona Men’s Derby 253-58.

Editor’s note: The ‘current’ rankings referenced in this article refer to the most recently published rankings, not team’s actual current ranking. The ranking point return for these bouts will be based on the teams’s actual May rankings, which are currently confidential but will probably be made public next week.

Correction: Re-AnimateHer was not expelled from the game in the first half of the Treasure Valley game above; she actually fouled out in the first half.

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