The Big O 2015: Day 3 Recap

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EUGENE, OR- The Big O wrapped Sunday with a couple more upsets and two exhibition games featuring tournament MVPs.

#2 Bay Area vs #10 Philly 158-116
#76 Emerald City vs #56 DC 262-180
#63 Helsinki vs #41 Nashville 157-150
#3 Rose City vs #13 Atlanta 242-56
#64 Sacred vs #80 Ann Arbor 200-140
#18 Terminal vs #24 Boston 177-173
#4 Victoria vs  #8 Denver 150-115

Bay Area took the #2 spot from Rose in March, but struggled against #4 Victoria’s dynamic defense on Saturday. The BAD Girls’ lack of offense and rigid defense led to a 27-point loss to the Australians, but they did win their other two, including a 42-point victory against #10 Philly Roller Derby on Sunday.

With many new skaters on their roster, the majority of whom are transfers, Bay Area’s signature defense showed vulnerabilities, especially on the inside and outside lines. Philly found ways to exploit these weaknesses and capitalize when BAD’s jammers were trapped in the pack, thanks to Philly’s aggressive and slow defense.

Bay Area made a slow climb late in the first half, but that effort was almost negated by a string of costly jammer penalties, which let Philly lead at the half 77-59. In the second half, BAD’s LuLu Lockjaw came out strong, stepping up into the leadership position she will need to take in order to lead Bay Area’s newer jammer rotation. Lockjaw’s smart, efficient jamming paved the way for a lead change in Bay Area’s favor just four minutes into the half. The game ended with a grueling two minute jam where neither team was able to escape the pack on their initial pass.

Despite the final score and VRDL’s run at the end of the game, the matchup between The Mile High Club and Victoria was fairly even. There were frequent lead changes throughout the game and the penalty split between the two teams at the end of the first half was also almost equal. Victoria was more efficient and capitalized on power jams, exploiting the lines, and leaving Denver struggling to find an answer. When Denver was awarded lead, VRDL was quick to pass the star, but Denver did not anticipate or do anything to prevent the pass. In the end, VRDL’s consistency and adaptability won them the game.

Victoria ended up sweeping all their games, including their bonus Thursday evening game against Atlanta, and after winning what WFTDA ranks #4, #2, and #8, FTS puts VRDL at #3 in WFTDA. Their defensive stronghold often gave them control of the game, and unless their future opponents can play an effective offense against it, they will go far this year.

#63 Helsinki’s “WTF Tour 2015″ came to a close with a 7-point win over #41 Nashville Sunday, making it a 2-5 trip for them. Despite losing so many games, they were all close enough games that should definitely give them a boost towards Division 1 by the end of May.

#80 Ann Arbor also had a telling weekend with a 153-point win over #56 DC, but did lose to #64 Sacred. The Derby Dimes put up a tough fight, and ended with just a 60-point loss, but Sacred has been showing an all-around solid game this year in an effort to get back to playoffs. Ann Arbor will likely move closer to D2 contention after this weekend.

#7 Bridgetown vs #9 Arizona 327-138
#31 Lane County vs #30 Dreadnaughts 257-76
#4 Puget Sound vs #11 Drive-By 387-51

Puget Sound had the most success of the men over the weekend, taking all three of their games, two by triple digits, but Bridgetown kept them to a 46-point win. The Ground Control did win all of their games as well, but against lower ranked or other unranked leagues. The unranked men’s team from Denver had a good showing in their first games as a MRDA member league, with an average win by 227 points.

The final day saw some more lopsided matchups after a few close games over the weekend, one of which included Lane County’s 14-point win over Austin Anarchy. Lane County concluded their weekend 2-1 though, with a solid 181-point win over the Dreadnaughts.

California Mayhem vs Rolling Rebellion 331-122
Emerald City vs Mob City 1-1 197-190
I-5 vs Rolling Rebellion 211-190
Seattle vs Rose 184-134

The Seattle Derby Brats took both their games, including their 50-point win over the Rosebuds on Sunday. Unlike their adult counterparts, the Junior Rose team lost all three of their games. The I-5 Rollergirls concluded their weekend with their only win, and against the Rolling Rebellion by just 21 points.

Mob City won both of their games on Saturday, but was held from a perfect weekend record by just 7 points with a loss to the Emerald City Junior team.

Team USA vs Big O MVP 286-80
Junior vs Big O MVP 153-81



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