The Big O 2015: Day 2 Recap

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EUGENE, OR- The Big O continued with a day filled with rivalries, grudge matches, and a few upsets. Here’s a few highlights of day 2.

Day 3 schedule with Time Zone Conversion.

Day 3 schedule with Time Zone Conversion.

WFTDA Results:
Rose AOA vs Denver BA: 264-96
#17 Montreal vs #41 Nashville: 226-152
#80 Ann Arbor vs #56 DC: 238-85
#4 Victoria vs #2 Bay Area: 138-111
Texas FS vs Philly ID: 238-110
#8 Denver vs #10 Philly: 258-124
#64 Sacred vs #76 Emerald: 211-168
#63 Helsinki vs #71 NW Arkansas: 347-66
#18 Terminal vs #17 Montreal: 182-177
#13 Atlanta vs #24 Boston: 250-95
#3 Rose vs #5 Texas: 237-191

#80 Ann Arbor has been on the rise for awhile now, and this weekend at The Big O has been a good showcase of their talents. Against the #56 DC Rollergirls, they dominated from the first jam and their aggressive, heavy defense kept DC from earning lead jammer until ten minutes into the game. Penalty trouble all around for Ann Arbor paved the way for DC to make a comeback, but it wasn’t enough to climb out of their deficit.

Bay Area and Victoria proved to be an even match-up that featured two different styles of play.  Bay Area favored their signature fluid, flat back, heavy sitting and containment focused defense, while Victorian boasted a dynamic triangle with quick bursts of offense and backwards skating. Bay Area’s refusal to give offense, especially on a series of power jams at the end of the game, became wasted opportunities for them to score points.

Terminal City has been on a gentle rankings ascent recently, while Montreal’s collective years of derby experience has diminished with the retirement of several long time skaters.  Last time, Montreal took this Canadian rivarly by 22 points, but Terminal started this meeting strong, holding the New Skids scoreless until the 4th jam, and then confirming their lead to 56-13 by the end of the first quarter. Terminal seemed to be nailing down their lead, but then Montreal pulled out all the stops, and the score gap narrowed rapidly in the final ten mins of the half, ending it at 88-79.

A tentative restart to the second half saw an unexpected pivot line grab by Terminal, and a back block drawn on Maiden Sane for Montreal seemed to validate it quickly. With just under 8 mins into the half, an official review from Terminal punctuated a tense 98-point tie that didn’t stop Montreal’s climb. They hit the final quarter with a 137-116 lead, thanks in major part to jammer Mel E Juana’s contributions, which got overturned by a rapid Terminal recovery, leading to their 5-point win.

Boston took advantage of a back block in the first jam by Atlanta that caused a whole wall to topple, but then Atlanta controlled lead for the next few jams, pulling ahead after chipping away Boston’s lead for seven minutes. After that, Boston’s jammers struggled to break through Atlanta’s heavy hitting defense, but found some success in the second part of the first half and were able to get their jammers out of the pack faster.

During a power jam for Boston, with only two blockers to beat, their jammer struggled through an effective penalty kill thanks to Queen Loseyateefa, who landed massive shoulder hits that recycled Boston multiple times. The second half mirrored the first with Atlanta controlling the scoreboard, though Boston did find some success passing the star and limiting ATL to one scoring pass.

The most exciting game of the weekend was between #3 Rose City and #5 Texas Rollergirls, who haven’t met on the track since Texas took an 80-point win at The Big O last year. After learning from their previous two losses, Texas dominated the first half, holding the lead for a majority of it. They were quicker to offer offense to help their jammer through tough Rose defense, and showed more flexibility in their lineups. Sarah Hipel, Bloody Mary, and Smarty Pants snuck by Rose on the line, keeping them on top by halftime, 109-84.

Rose City locked down their defense in the second half, and held Texas scoreless while they took the lead. Olivia Shootin’ John was missing from the Texas line up this weekend, and Hauss the Boss wasn’t skating this game, so they also utilized Jackie Daniels and Freight Train as jammers in the second half to try and neutralize Scald Eagle.

Rose made a comfortable lead for themselves towards the end of the game, but Texas took advantage of every scoring opportunity, as Smarty Pants had a 19-point power jam with five minutes left. They couldn’t catch up though, and Rose City took the win by 46 points. This was the second game over the weekend that Texas lost after holding the lead at the halftime.

MRDA Results:
Denver vs Austin: 351-221
#11 DriveBy vs #31 Lane County: 218-136
Drive-By vs Chinook: 179-154
Puget Sound vs Bridgetown: 171-129
Denver vs Salem: 399-127

JRDA Results:
Mob City Misfits vs Rolling Rebellion 405-165
Seattle vs I-5: 298-124
Mob City vs Rosebuds: 272-203
Emerald vs I-5: 310-64

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