DNN Archives - The Big Easy Roller Girls announce the start of their inaugural 2005 season!

This post was first featured on Derby News Network in August 2005.

The Big Easy Roller Girls, New Orleans’ first roller derby league, begin their inaugural 2005 season. Joining the ranks of such cities as Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, and many others across the country, the Big Easy Roller Girls promise their audiences a sports match with a twist: Spin Magazine calls roller derby, “the greatest catfight on earth;” and its spectators should expect no less.

The Derby girl, an amalgam of athlete, pin-up girl, rocker and brute, is the quintessential icon of feminism at its best. Roller Derby is a match for strong and beautiful women; it is sexy, fast, violent, and dangerous. In the same tradition of World Wrestlers and drag queens, the teams create alter-egos characters. Across the league, names such as Misty Meanor, Hissy Fit, Die Die Darling, and Patsy Crime, are displayed on the girls’ jerseys, which typically resemble a burlesque costume more than a team uniform. The New Orleans Big Easy Roller Girls is currently seeking players for its inaugural 2005 season.


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