The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, May 29, 2014


Memorable Memorial Weekend Mentions

WFTDA #65 The Chicago Outfit has seemed to found their stride, and turned things around, by sweeping all their games at Spring Roll and then beating WFTDA #53 Bleeding Heartland over Memorial Day weekend. It helps that they’ve been playing lots of games this year and will continue to do so with a quick I-80 tour, to hit up No Coast and Omaha. The past few weekends and their games in June, will likely catch their rankings fall and secure them a place in D2.

Rideau Valley has been on a winning streak this year, taking an impressive win over DC in March, and currently sitting at WFTDA #64 after moving up five spots. Their 83 point win over Roc City this past weekend might not do as much for them, but they will be traveling to Ohio to take on NEO next month which could help make or break their D2 playoff chances.

The Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls hosted the annual WFTDA conference over the weekend in Las Vegas, as well as San Fernando Valley Saturday for a bout. After a couple hard losses at Dust Devil, Sin City has dropped a few spots to WFTDA #51, but their solid win over San Fernando should keep them in the middle for D2 playoff eligibility. They will visit SoCal and Sacred next month for final playoff rankings.

Brandywine entered the WFTDA scene last fall and hit the ground running with an initial ranking of WFTDA #52. They had since then been making a surge towards D1, sitting at #40 in March, but fell seven places after a weaker showing at Southern Discomfort. Toronoto took a strong win against them over the weekend, which likely means they belong on the D2 side of the bubble, although with four more games in June, they could still make some moves.

Midwest BrewHaHa

Looking ahead, the highlight of the weekend will be the fifth annual Midwest BrewHaHa, hosted by the Brewcity Bruisers. Women, Men and Juniors will hit two tracks over the three days, with a majority of WFTDA D2 teams playing. It will be a pivotal weekend for a few of them, as the games here will secure playoff positions for some of the teams competing July 1st gets closer.

You can watch Brew HaHa online; we have the full schedule and will update that with links and/or video players as they come in!

Arizona Roller Derby started their 12 game winning streak (eight in sanctioned play) last year at BrewHaHa after they beat Brewcity by 38 points. They take on St. Chux, who has been undefeated in 2014 thus far in sanctioned play, and who is also on the rise. If Arizona takes a strong win against them and Burning River, they hope to pop the D1 bubble. Although currently St. Chux is ranked above them at WFTDA #44, Flat Track stats has them at #50 with Arizona ranked higher at #34. St. Chux has played a strong game all season and will also take on Brewcity.

On the flipside, despite taking Arizona solidly this time last year, Cincinnati has been on a losing streak since playoffs last fall. They hope to end that streak this weekend against Paper Valley, and to put up a good fight against the Mad Rollin’ Dolls if they want to hang on in D2.

This weekend will be an important one for NEO, as they are nearing the edge of D2 playoff qualification at WFTDA #57. A small team with a lot of heart, they need to play a little more consistently if they want to stay above #60. A close game with Brewcity will be good for both, and NEO also takes on WFTDA #60 Grand Raggidy who has been posting some big wins this season. The host, Brewcity, is playing three games this weekend, also taking on the rising St. Chux and Fargo Moorhead who is at WFTDA #73. This will be an important weekend for Brew, Neo and St. Chux, as well as Bear City who will likely make a big jump in rankings after their performance at Beach Brawl, and their place will be influenced by the shift in those above them.

Paper Valley has been floating around in the 50s the past year, but recently they have dropped to WFTDA #61, so they too sit at the cusp of the D2 playoff ranks. They go up against WFTDA #87 Old Capitol City and WFTDA #56 Cincinnati. Old Capitol City recently went North and beat both North Star and Fargo, so they could also try to upend Paper Valley, who Flat Track Stats ranks lower at #104.

Burning River has fallen a bit after squeaking into D2 playoffs last year and currently sit at WFTDA #68. Saturday they take on North Star, who is ranked lower according to WFTDA but are likely to win according to Flat Track Stats. Then they will have a tough game against Arizona on Sunday.

Rounding out the rest of the D2 teams are WFTDA #73 Fargo Moorhead, WFTDA #77 North Star and WFTDA #87 Old Capitol City. Fargo has played a strong game this year, with close losses against Blue Ridge and Omaha, but also lost to Old Capitol City and Twin City. They will need to play strong games against Grand Raggidy and Brew City if they want to inch towards the 60s. North Star will be seeking revenge against Old Capitol City as they have lost all three times they’ve met, and also take on Burning River. Old Capitol will try to keep their upward momentum against North Star and Paper Valley, but likely won’t be in contention for D2 playoffs this year.

Other Games

DC has been playing, and winning, a lot this year and have moved through the 40s to the top of D2 and by our calculations will sit in the bottom of the D1 playoff places on Sunday. This weekend they take on Charm, who hasn’t played as much but are looking to be in good form; DC will have 18 sanctioned bouts up for consideration by the time the playoff cut-off rolls around, so even a disastrous showing against Charm wouldn’t sink their hopes. They will finish out June with games against Brandywine and Tiger Bay–if they don’t hit a 2:1 ratio against Charm, they will need a big win over Brandywine to keep the D1 dream alive.

Chicago Outfit looks to extend their winning streak to the west against No Coast and Omaha. Both Nebraska teams have had skaters come and go between them and will need to settle down to show where they place by the end of June. If the Outfit can take advantage of any of their insecurities, they will likely solidify a standing in D2.

Also this weekend, Blue Ridge WFTDA #43 will host WFTDA #79 Ithaca, WFTDA #89 Providence will host WFTDA #86 Gainesville, and WFTDA #47 Bleeding Heartland will host WFTDA #33 Nashville

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