The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, May 16, 2014


Last Weekend

Junction City came in as the highest ranked team to Mayday Mayhem and swept the tournament to take first place. They’ve had some upward momentum but aren’t going anywhere very fast by playing so many lower ranked teams. [Editor's Note: want to help them out? They've got a bout spot open, and are trying to find an opponent in our comment section. We think that deserves some kudos.]

It was also another weekend that joined the trend of teams overseas taking up opportunities in tournaments and invitationals in the States. Unranked Nidaros Roller Derbyklubb from Norway went 2-2 at Mayday Mayhem. Bear City beat WFTDA #48 Gold Coast, and Bogota earned a win over Tallahassee during Beach Brawl. Auld Reekie beat WFTDA #35 Sac City at the Big O. Glasgow is coming to Spring Roll this upcoming weekend, and Tiger Bay, Helsinki, Crime City and Victorian will be going to ECDX in June.

Even if this doesn’t put any of the teams (except for Victoria, whose D1 playoff spot is all-but-confirmed) in contention for either playoffs, it’s a start towards their upward momentum and getting them placed more accurately. They’re spending lots of time and money to ensure this happens, and it’s exciting to see this level of competitiveness spread across the globe.

Omaha has had a rough year, going from WFTDA #36 in February of 2013 to WFTDA #69 a year later. Getting Ima Firestarter back into their regular jammer rotation and the recent addition of Flash Gloria from No Coast has given them a boost, but they’ll need to post some bigger wins if they want to return to the D2 playoffs. Fargo Moorhead came in strong against them, and held the lead 103-87 at the half. After a hand off of jammer penalties in the second half, Omaha came out on top and took a slim win, 169-155

Fargo has had a strong season, and hope to get a bump in rankings at the end of the month after an upset by Hammer City last year expires from their rankings points.

Killamazoo WFTDA #52 took a strong win over the rebuilding Cincinnati WFTDA #56 (FTS 88), 239-145. Getting back to basics, Cincinnati will need to post some stronger results against the hard season they had planned this year if they want to hang on until the end of June.

Spring Roll

Get ready for another busy weekend! Hosted by Ft. Wayne, Spring Roll has 11 women’s and 11 men’s teams that will utilize two tracks over three days. Last year’s D2 champion, Jet City, will be in attendance, although since last fall they have been sitting above the D1 cut off. They will take on Tri-City, Jacksonville and Toronto and will need to show that they can hang tough with D1 leagues against the latter two, and play strong against WFTDA #40 Tri-City. This will also be a good game for the Canadians to prove themselves while sitting on the cusp of the divisions, and will have to post big wins over their other two competitors, Glasgow and Big Easy.

Cincinnati and the Chicago Outfit are both having rebuilding years, which means their game Friday evening should be a good one. While getting their footing in a new jammer rotation and getting back to basics, Cincinnati has yet to win a game this year and have dropped down to WFTDA #56, while Flat Track Stats puts them at #88. They will need to hang on against Jacksonville and Toronto and through June if they want to make any playoffs this year. The Outfit have had some turnover the past few years and have dropped nearly 30 spots since June. Now below the D2 playoff line, they will need to work hard against Connecticut and Tri-City.

Twin City, who recently beat the Outfit by 16 points, will also be in attendance playing Big Easy, Ft. Wayne and Connecticut–all teams ranked below them. The hosts, WFTDA #95 Ft. Wayne, could be a surprise, as Flat Track Stats has them ranked 40 spots higher. They have had a winning season, even beating WFTDA #78, Hammer City earlier this month, but have mostly played lower ranked teams.Their game against Twin City could give a better indication of where they are at.

Other D2 teams playing are the Big Easy WFTDA #82, Connecticut WFTDA #93, and Glasgow WFTDA #104. Glasgow will carry on the international flavor from the UK to play four games, taking on Big Easy, Ft. Wayne, Tri-City and Connecticut. This many games will give a more well-rounded view of their skills–but bear in mind that their European play has shown them to be on a very similar level to Auld Reekie, Berlin and Stockholm.

You can catch Spring Roll online LIVE, right here at DNN!

The Rest

Squeaking into D1 playoffs last year as WFTDA #40, Grand Raggidy rose two spots last month to sit at WFTDA #60. Playing below them this weekend, all the way to WFTDA #107, hosting Ann Arbor won’t reveal much about their current standing. They will be attending Brewhaha at the end of the month, and their two games against Fargo and NEO will help solidify their spot if they want to make it to D2 playoffs this year.

With an upset over DC last month, WFTDA #64 Rideau showed they might be one to watch. They are taking on Maine this weekend, and Flat Track Stats has both teams ranked in the 50s instead, making this game up in the air. Rideau will want to keep it from being a close game though, but as last year showed, they don’t necessarily need to make it above 60 to get a D2 playoff invite.

Sac City placed 4th at D2 championships last fall and now sit at WFTDA #39. Flat Track Stats places them a lot lower, at #70 which might be insightful with their losses against Auld Reekie and Treasure Valley at the Big O. Taking on a big gun like Angel City will be a tough match up, and depending on the point spread, it could affect which division they fall into by the end of June.

DC will be travelling to Ohio to take on NEO and Burning River. DC has been playing many games this spring, and doing well. They went 2-0 at Southern Discomfort, and 2-1 at Beach Brawl, defeated by Gold Coast by only six points. Ranked above both Ohio teams, they should be able to sweep their quick tour, and with three bouts next month they should end June towards the top of D2.

Duke City, a D2 playoff team last year, has stumbled a bit to WFTDA #74. They also have been making the rounds at tournaments and invitationals and are 4-6 in sanctioned play so far this year. Their tight losses against Omaha and Dallas imply they are probably ranked appropriately. This weekend they will test themselves against WFTDA #34 Oklahoma Victory.

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