The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, June 6, 2014


Derby season is certainly in full swing with yet another big tournament taking place last weekend and several other significant games happening across the WFTDA spectrum. In Wisconsin, the 2014 Midwest Brewhaha brought three very full days of derby action with many Division 2 teams looking to bring home wins. Brewhaha was hosted by Milwaukee’s Brewcity Bruisers, and over 25 teams from across the United States and Canada were in attendance. In addition to Brewhaha, we saw a few surprising D2 upsets, a few expected wins as well, and now know the likely playoff fate of a few more teams.


Grand Raggidy (#60) had a strong showing taking a tough fight against Fargo Moorhead (#73) 185-113 in their first game. Fargo held Grand Raggidy neck in neck through most of the game, even taking lead in the second half, but some jammer penalties allowed Grand Raggidy to pull ahead in the end. GRRG also took a solid win over NEO (#57) which should help boost their rank a bit next month.

St. Chux (#44) took on Arizona (#54), Arizona taking the win 216-200. Both teams showed solid defense, resulting in a whopping 52 total penalties for Arizona and 28 for St. Chux. Atomatrix scored 126 of Arizona’s 216 points, and though St. Chux briefly held a 27-point lead over Arizona, they then had some untimely penalties that resulted in the final loss. St. Chux went on to beat Brewcity 204 to 162 the next day and Arizona took a huge 430-168 win over Burning River (#68). The magnitude of Arizona’s wins should see them sail clear through D2 playoffs and have the option to compete among the lower seeds of Division 1 playoffs later in the year.

NEO (#57) had a fairly disappointing weekend in Milwaukee, also losing to Brewcity (#62) 183-118 in addition to their loss to Grand Raggidy. As they only have one more WFTDA-sanctioned games scheduled this year, it looks like they have fallen at the penultimate hurdle and won’t be featuring at playoffs this year.

Old Capitol City Roller Girls (#87) took two big wins at Brewhaha. Old Cap took a huge win over Paper Valley (#61) coming out with a 216-86 point differential. This was followed by an equally significant game over North Star (#77), finishing with a score of 191-128. Both wins are sure to boost Old Cap’s ranking in the next month, as they are on a now 4-game winning streak. Additionally, Paper Valley seems to be continuing a downward trajectory in 2014 and are also set to miss out on playoffs. Old Cap won’t be heading to playoffs either–but if they continue their current trajectory through next season, they will certainly be one to watch out for.

Building upon an already difficult 2014 season, Cincinnati (#56) took a tough 176-161 loss to Paper Valley (#61). Cincinnati saw a 12-point fall in April’s WFTDA ranking, and will continue their slump. While their defense seems strong, they are lacking solid jammers and this seems to be coming across in their performance this season. They also took a heavy loss to Madison that will help ensure their slide.

Host team, Brewcity (#62), took on Fargo Moorhead (#73) in an intense game on Saturday. Fargo was out double threat Bolt Action due to a concussion, but maintained a close game regardless. Early on, there were a few lead changes, but Brewcity maintained a small lead for the remainder of the game. Fargo closed in near the end, but couldn’t quite catch up and the game ended with a score of 149-135. Brewcity aren’t quite done for the year yet (see the weekend preview below), but their D2 playoff invites are essentially secure.

Elsewhere in the derby world

Omaha (#67) took on the Outfit (#65) winning 237-115 and seem to be picking up some new momentum in the past month or so. Blue Ridge (#43) took a predicted win over Ithaca (#79) with a score of 290-171. DC (#46) took a tough, but not unexpected loss to Charm, finishing with a score of 335-67. With only a couple of games left and with one of those being against the severely under-ranked Tiger Bay Brawlers, their hopes of Division 1 playoff play this Fall now look very slim indeed.

Providence (#89) took a significantly larger-than-expected win over Gainesville (#86), finishing with a score of 410-50. Gainesville also lost to Suburbia (#59) 390-26, their third loss this season out of three total games played.

Weekend preview!

Though coming off of an extremely busy weekend in Milwaukee, Brewcity (#62) is heading south this weekend to take on Omaha (#67) and Old Cap (#87). With all three teams having a strong showing at Brewhaha, these games should be equally competitive.

St. Chux (#44) will be playing Dallas (#69), a game that should help St. Chux continue their forward momentum as they look to make a very late dash into the bottom of D1 for playoffs. Killamazoo (#52) will be going against up and coming Michigan team, Ann Arbor (#107).

Some very closely matched teams will also compete this weekend. Hammer City (#78) takes on Roc City (#84) and Charlottesville (#94) will take on Charlotte (#90). Brandywine (#47) will take on DC (#46) in an important game for both teams. Brandywine has begun a bit of a fall, while DC has seen consistent upward momentum this season, and this game has some big implications for both–if DC want to qualify for D1 playoffs this year, they need a really big win here.

**special shout out to D2 correspondent, Left 4 Deadwards, for additional reporting and insights from BrewHaHa.

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