The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, June 19, 2014


We’re now two weekends out from final playoff determinations, and while a few D2 teams look to be set in stone, there is still plenty of room for movement. Last weekend’s results will certainly create some waves in D2 ranks on July 1, and upcoming games are becoming even more important for many D2 teams hoping to make it into playoffs.

Last Weekend

While many teams were resting up last weekend for this weekend’s upcoming ECDX match ups, we saw a few significant Division 2 level games that may rock the D2 boat.

Franky Panky

Florida saw quite a bit of derby action this weekend with the annual Tampa-based Franky Panky tournament. As discussed in last week’s B-Roll, a few D2 teams were present, including Columbia who had a strong showing overall. The 44th ranked team took an upset over Oklahoma (#31), winning 187 to 141, which will boost their rank come July 1. Columbia took a loss to Jacksonville (#15) ending with a score of 293 to 93, slightly better than expected. Columbia followed their game against Jacksonville that same day putting up a tough fight against Santa Cruz (#23), ending with a score of 175 to 96, Santa Cruz taking the win.


Outside of Tampa, Ft. Myers (#53) took on Gainesville (#102) taking a win of 266 to 109, a smaller point spread than anticipated, though significantly larger than the 16-point spread when these teams last met. Brew City (#51) had a solid win against Hammer City (#86), ending with a score of 214 to 78. Brew has been on a solid winning streak, and this win has most helped further secure their spot in upcoming D2 playoffs.

Last weekend also saw Tri-City (#42) take on Bleeding Heartland (#71). Tri-City took a big win with a final score of 281 to 67. Bleeding Heartland has been on a bit of a decline and this game seems to be further evidence of their tough season. While Bleeding Heartland is out of playoff contention at this point, Tri-City is very secure in their top playoff spot.

Treasure Valley (#56) is a team that has potential to fall out of the playoff running, but they took a strong win over Sonoma (#122), ending with a 271 to 68 score, last weekend that should help their chances–but we think it’s going to be touch-and-go whether they stay in the top 60.

Suburbia (#67) is unlikely to make it to playoffs this year in spite of making an appearance last year. They took on Tiger Bay (#112), winning only 211 to 174. The Wales-based team seems to be currently under-ranked, but has several games coming up in Philly this weekend that should help them find their way upward in coming rankings.

Weekend Preview

The upcoming weekend brings us a huge number of D2 games as teams from all over the world head to Philadelphia to compete in the East Coast Derby Extravaganza. If you can’t make it to Philly, we’ve got you covered with recaps galore throughout the weekend and next week as well. Until then, here’s what you can expect to see:


Sitting at the top of D2, Blue Ridge (#41) play two games this weekend.

First up, they take on Brandywine (#49). So far this season, Brandywine has oscillated between the top of D2 and somewhere in the middle, and this game against Blue Ridge has the potential to boost them back up toward the top if they perform well–but their 176-160 Wednesday night loss to Helsinki (#137) will certainly drag them towards the bottom half of the D2 playoff spots.

Likewise, Blue Ridge has the potential to strengthen their rank if they take a strong win over Brandywine. Later in the weekend, Blue Ridge will play Helsinki themselves. The outcome of this game that is difficult to predict with certainty given Helsinki’s limited stateside WFTDA experience to date–but the Finns’ wins over Brandywine and Long Island (396-142 last Sunday) suggesting they will not go down easily.

A D2 cusp team, Green Mountain (#62) will take on Burning River (#76) and Roc City (#92). Both games will be good opportunity for Green Mountain to potentially boost their ranking and make the playoff cut if they have a strong showing.

Providence (#69) also has the chance to boost their ranks with two games in Philly–but with games against two heavily under-ranked opponents, this seems unlikely.Theyl first take on Tiger Bay (#112)–who have lost twice on tour so far to Suburbia (211-174) and Gotham’s Wall Street Traitors (142-137)–and then Crime City (#145).

Further down the D2 ladder, Garden State (#78) will take on Connecticut (#104) and Tiger Bay (#112). Tiger Bay will surely be gunning for strong wins in order to boost their WFTDA rank, so Garden State will need to fare well in this game to maintain their current spot.


In addition to the excitement in Feasterville, there are a handful of D2 teams taking on tough competitors in an effort to secure higher rankings or playoff invites. In the Midwest, we will see Brew City (#51) continue their busy schedule, taking on the Chicago Outfit (#45). As mentioned, Brew has looked quite strong this season, currently holding a record of 10 wins and 5 losses and jumping 11 spots in the June 1 rankings. The Outfit had a bit of a slow start this season, but recently jumped 20 spots, and this game is sure to be a close match.

Sac City (#54) has likely secured a playoff spot, and will take on San Fernando (#108) this weekend. This game could have some bearing on ranks, but is unlikely to move Sac City out of playoff positions, especially as the cut-off is likely to find itself at 62 or below. Des Moines (#75) has opportunity to move up in a game against Kansas City (#38). Though Des Moines has not won a game since April, they’ve fared well against some tough opponents and should give Kansas City a good fight.

Bleeding Heartland (#71) will take on Nashville (#32). As mentioned, Bleeding Heartland has been on a downward spiral this season, this game could help them change momentum if they perform well. We will also see Queen City (#48) play Ohio (#22). While Queen City has likely secured a playoff spot, they could move to the top of D2 ranks if they have a strong game against Ohio.

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