The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, 25 April, 2014


Looking Back

Last weekend in WFTDA’s second division, we saw a few significant games that will likely contribute to changes in rankings with the next update. Naptown (WFTDA #11) took the win over Tri-City (WFTDA #42), winning with an unexpectedly large margin of 325-88. Naptown has recently lost a handful of A skaters to Fort Wayne (#96) and most of their 2014 results have suggested something of a decline as a result: but if their point spread over Tri-City is any indication, they appear to be adjusting and things are looking up. The result is likely to mitigate Naptown’s ranking decline following their recent run of poor form, and will drag Tri-City’s average down as their return for this bout is significantly below the average they’ll need for playoff qualification.

Cincinnati (#44), who is currently sitting on the Division 1/Division 2 cusp, lost to Arch Rival (#21) 300-118. Cincinnati lost star jammer K Lethal earlier this year when she transferred to Tampa as well as a host of other A-team skaters (see Rollups passim ad nauseam). While Cincinnati defence was solid, it is clear they still have rebuilding to do–especially considering the retirements that Arch Rival are dealing with this year as well.

Bleeding Heartland (#47), another team on the D1/D2 cusp squeaked by the Eh! Team of the resurgent Hammer City (#89) 233-214. This margin was tighter than expected, and may be related to Bleeding Heartland’s loss of several skaters to retirement at the end of 2013 as well as Hammer City’s continuing upward trend after several years in the wilderness since joining WFTDA.

It is, however, only the second win Bleeding Heartland have on the books for 2014 playoff qualification; they are now 2-8 since the start of July 2013, with an average points differential of -115. On current form and with the games aging out from earlier in 2013, they will need to find some good results somewhere to make sure of even D2 playoff action this year.

Killamazoo (#57) took a 301-168 win over Burning River (#63), continuing their strong 2014 season. KDD’s fierce defense will be a tough match for their opponents this season, and they are on track to be a top contender in Division 2 playoffs this fall. Burning River had a strong season in 2013, culminating in a D2 playoff appearance. They took home one win and three losses at playoffs, and look to face an uphill struggle to qualify again this year.

Looking Ahead

This coming weekend, we see a few important D2 match ups and the Southern Discomfort invitational hosted by Columbia Quad Squad.

Some games to watch this weekend:

Tri-City (#44) at Queen City (#48) While Tri-City just took a big loss to Naptown last weekend, their upcoming game against Queen City will likely showcase their stance more accurately, as the teams are ranked very closely. This game will likely play an important role in the next round of rankings as well, and is significant in that both teams are near the D1/D2 cusp.

Bleeding Heartland (#47) at Grand Raggidy (#62) This game has the potential to also impact rankings in the next round. Grand Raggidy has consistently held an upper D2 stance, but the past few seasons have been a bit of a roller coaster for GRRG. The Michigan-based team lost a few All Star skaters at the end of 2013, and may see a slight fall in rank as a result in 2014.

Twin City (#77) at Chicago Outfit (#59) Twin City made a solid showing at last weekend’s Skate to Thrill tournament, and may be slightly under-ranked currently. The Chicago Outfit is also dropping in standing after losing primary jammer Queefer Sutherland to Windy City, so this weekend’s game may be a good indication of where both Outfit and Twin City truly stand, and will likely impact upcoming WFTDA rankings.

Southern Discomfort will also be bringing together several D2 teams, and will also feature a few D3 teams, and should be an interesting mix-up. The invitational, held by Columbia Quad Squad (#41) and will host Killamazoo (#52), DC Rollergirls (#51), River City Rollergirls (#112), Nashville Rollergirls (#38), Charlotte Rollergirls (#95), Cape Fear Rollergirls (#157), Garden State Rollergirls (#91), Brandywine Rollergirls (#40), Charlottesville Derby Dames (#103), and Roc City Roller Derby (#85).

The match ups at Southern Discomfort that are most likely to impact D2 rankings will be Columbia vs Nashville, Nashville vs Killamazoo, Nashville vs Brandywine, Killamazoo vs DC, and Killamazoo vs Columbia. This weekend’s games give Killamazoo opportunity to boost their rankings, and gives Nashville opportunity to hold their #38 spot, if not improve. DC will have opportunity to thrash Killamazoo, which would likely move them up in the D2 ranks as well. If Brandywine is able to beat Nashville, they will likely move into the D1 side of the ranking cusp.

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