The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, 1 May, 2014


Southern Discomfort

Coumbia Quad Squad (WFTDA #41) hosted several teams last weekend, each getting two to three games. Columbia went 2-1, with their loss being a tight game with the Nashville Roller Girls (WFTDA #38). Killamazoo Derby Darlins W#52 unfortunately went 0-3 with a tough loss against DC Rolllergirls (WFTDA #51). They were ahead with a few seconds left, but after a timeout, DC got a power jam and took the bout by 11 points. Brandywine (WFTDA #40) went 1-1, with Nashville doing something of a number on them before they eked out a 26 point win over Charlotte Roller Girls (WFTDA #95).

The Rest of Last Weekend

Two bouts saw rising teams conquering falling teams which will affect rankings for all. Twin City Derby Girls (WFTDA #77) had a 16-point win over Chicago Outfit (WFTDA #59) and Grand Raggidy Roller Girls (WFTDA #62) had a solid 126 point win over Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls (WFTDA #47).

All of The Outfit, Grand Raggidy and Bleeding Heartland made D1 playoffs last year, but are now in the D2 bubble. Twin City will take a hopeful leap towards that bubble with their successful April.

Tri-City Roller Derby (WFTDA #42) snuck by with only a two point win over Queen City Roller Girls (WFTDA #50) and combined with their big loss against Naptown Roller Girls W#11, they will need a little more boost to get into the D1 group.

Old Capitol City Roller Girls (WFTDA #90) had a successful weekend as the biggest movers on Flat Track Stats–a move likely to be reflected in the WFTDA rankings for the month. They traveled to the Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls (WFTDA #73) and overcame the Northern Pains with a slim six point victory. The following day they stepped up their game and beat a higher ranked team by an even-bigger margin, thanks to a 183-113 win over the North Star Roller Girls (WFTDA #71).‡

Upcoming Games

This weekend will have an insane about of bouts happening, on opposite sides of the country, with teams from a range of divisions and countries. It will be good for the lower ranked teams to get some exposure, and gain experience with a multi-bout weekend. It’s also a good way for international teams to get in a higher level mix of teams and really show off what they have to offer.

Beach Brawl

Gold Coast will be hosting 26 teams at the impressively large Beach Brawl for the first time. It has a series of mini round robins, giving each team three bouts over three days against a range of ranked teams. You can read the full preview here, and you’ll be able to watch the whole thing live on DNN all weekend long.

Blue Ridge Rollergirls (WFTDA #45) will show the strength of their ever-changing roster against the Dallas Derby Devils (WFTDA #65), Carolina Rollergirls (WFTDA #80) and Royal Windsor Rollergirls (WFTDA #168). Dallas will need to play competitively with them if they want to secure a place in the D2 playoff range against this year, and Carolina will need to step it up after falling 30 spots since last June.

Gold Coast Derby Grrls (WFTDA #46) are hoping to strike it rich in their invitational by taking on Surburbia Roller Derby (WFTDA #55), DC Rollergirls (WFTDA #51) and Bear City Roller Derby (WFTDA #135). If they want to skip D2 altogether for a D1 invite this fall, they will have to post big wins against all of them, and hope whatever they do against Bear City doesn’t drag them down too much.

DC hopes to roll into another successful weekend after Southern Discomfort, and would gain by doing well against Gold Coast. Suburbia is 1-1 in sanctioned play so far this year, so this weekend should be a good indicator of how they’re going to fare and if they’ll manage a repeat visit to playoffs.

This weekend may also indicate which division Tri-City belongs to as they play two teams currently above them: Nashville and Detroit Derby Girls (WFTDA #34)–though it’s worth noting that with the games we mentioned above for Tri-City and Detroit’s performance in the UK, that order is likely to be in the process of changing as these bouts will be officially played using the rankings that WFTDA won’t make public until next week. Ft. Myers Derby Girls (WFTDA #54) will also hope to make a statement against these three teams and consolidate a playoff spot in their first full year as a WFTDA league.

The Big O

There’s a big weekend ahead in Eugene, Oregon as well, with men, women and children bouting on three tracks over three days. A wide range of teams will also be visiting this one along with more international action. You can read the preview of the D1 action here, courtesy of DNN News Editor Hannah Jennings.

Arizona Roller Derby W#82 has had it’s ups and downs in the past year and half in light of transfergate, and look to be heading back up–especially with the re-addition of Atomatrix, though they were proving their playoff credentials as early as Brewhaha last year when they served notice on Brewcity that the Tent City Terrors were on the way back up. Some big wins over D2 teams at Dust Devil in April indicate they’re on the way up; the only question is how many ranking points they will pick up against the Silicon Valley Roller Girls (WFTDA #83), Auld Reekie Roller Girls (WFTDA #97), and the unranked Kokeshi Roller Dolls, given the low rating . We’ll see how high they go with these games, and see if maybe they’ll end up just passing on through to D1.

Treasure Valley Rollergirls (WFTA #48) are pushing their limits by taking on the Oly Rollers (WFTDA #12), Rose City Rollers (WFTDA #6) and Sac City Rollers (WFTDA #39). This continues their ambitious schedule in 2014; earlier, they played B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls (WFTDA #2)–a game in which they only scored 12 points, and finished with a 1:53 score ratio.

Whereas Rose and Oly are likely to be as tough, Sac City has pushed into the top 40 since placing 4th at D2 Championships last year, and will be a better matchup for Treasure Valley. A game against Terminal City Roller Girls (WFTDA #35) will help Sac City earn their keep in Division 1.

With solid wins over Sin City and Duke at Dust Devil, Tucson Roller Derby (WFTDA #56) currently sits at the final few D2 playoff spots. They’ll be looking to make a move with their performance against Silicon Valley, Auld Reekie and Humboldt Roller Derby (WFTDA #98) this weekend–but they’ll need convincing wins to do it given the ranking of their opponents.

Other Games

With the invitationals taking over the weekend, two games for Green Mountain Derby Dames will be the only other big action for D2. They will be visiting Dutchland Derby Rollers W#76 and Brandywine Roller Girls W#40, and may take advantage of Brandywine after their weaker performance at Southern Discomfort. With Green Mt. on the cusp of 60 and Brandywine at 40, it could be a push or pull for either.

‡Left 4 Deadwards skates for the Old Capitol City Roller Girls

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