Hel’z Belles Claim Victory

Hel’z Belles Claim Victory Grudge Match Nail Biter Against Hellgate Rollergirls, September 14, 2013

By Kaye-otic, Head NSO for Hel’z Belles Roller Derby
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What started off as an obvious win ended up in a real nail-biter at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds Saturday night when Helena’s own Hel’z Belles narrowly defeated the Hellgate Rollergirls of Missoula in exciting roller derby action.

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At the half, the Belles lead Hellgate 85-41 thanks to a couple of power jams.  But Hellgate poured it on during the second half scoring 104 points to the Belles 64.  The last 35 seconds of the bout were tension filled.  Blondeshell got lead jammer and called the jam with 22 seconds left on the clock.  This allowed Hellgate the opportunity to play one more jam as they immediately used their last time out.  The score was 141 Belles to Hellgate’s 132.  This time out seemed to last an eternity as Bench Coaches and referees clarified time remaining on the clock, penalties resulting in players in the penalty box and points scored during what was thought to have been the final jam.  Hellgate took control of the final jam when HRG’s Foghorn J achieved lead jammer status.  After scoring 13 points, they called the jam and the bout.  But a snafu with the scoreboard left everyone wondering  who had won the bout.  After clarification with jam referees and scorekeepers, Head Referee Landin Flats called the win to the Belles 149-145.

091413 photo OfficialsannounceBelleswin-FINALLY_zpsca771d9a.jpg

Top scorers for Helena’s Hel’z Belles were Blondehell with 70 points, Babe Lincoln with 39 points and She Hates Me with 33 points.  Missoula’s Hellgate Rollergirls top scoring skaters were Foghorn J with 60 points, V-gun with 37 points, and Alicethesia with 32 points.

091413 photo BlondeshelljammingampQuickFixandFatalCharmblockingHRGsjammer_zps351ec9b0.jpg

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