The 2015 Rose City Rollers Home Season is Here!


And the 2015 Rose City Rollers Home Season is Here!

Betties 2015 season opener Regularman

Betties 2015 season opener, photo by Regularman

GNR 2015 season opener FunFrank

GNR 2015 season opener, photo by FunFrank

Wow, it’s 2015 already and the new RCR home team season is upon us. Just in case you missed it (and we will forgive you if you did, but just this once!), the Season Opener on December 13th was an edge-of-your-seat, eye-popping, and spine-tingling event. The High Rollers gambled and won against the Heartless Heathers in the first bout, and the Break Neck Betties held a commanding lead in the race against the Guns N’ Rollers in the second.

High Rollers 2015 Season opener Regularman

High Rollers 2015 Season opener, photo by Regularman

Heartless Heathers 2015 season opener SkippySteve

Heartless Heathers 2015 season opener, photo by SkippySteve

 December also brought several exciting changes to our favorite home teams with the loss of some long-time skaters to retirement, the transfer of others to Travel Team only, and the gain of our newest Fresh Meat draftees. On Friday, December 5th, home teams gathered at the Oaks Park Hangar to welcome a total of 10 new skaters to their teams (including me!!!).

 Guns N’ Rollers: Juke Nukem, Raven Mad Mahony, and D. Molly Schur

GNR draft Dec 2014

Juke Nukem, Raven Mad Mahony, and D. Molly Schur on draft night


Heartless Heathers: Smalls, Ferret Bueller, and Wrathmatica.

HH Dec 2014 new drafts

New Heartless Heathers drafts: Smalls, Ferret Bueller, and Wrathmatica.


Break Neck Betties: Double DLuxxx,  IV Cardiattack,  Carrie Go Round, and Ms Spank

Betties draft Dec 2014

Some current Betties plus the new drafts on draft night

Once again, the High Rollers had no spots available and did not draft anyone. It will be interesting to see how this team plays this year with a solid, unchanging roster of players.

You can catch the next home team game on January 31st at 7pm when the Break Neck Betties take on the High Rollers. Also, on the 30th you can watch RCR Fresh Meat play the Gorge Roller Girls. Come see some of the newest draftees, and also future draftees prove they have what it takes. All in one amazing weekend! All the fun, all the excitement, and hopefully a few cat unitards. Yep, it’s roller derby.

(author mini bio: Carrie Go Round was recently drafted to the Break Neck Betties after an endless but extremely opportune year of training on Fresh Meat. The experience has been like a MasterCard commercial. )


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