Texas Shootout Bout Preview: (West #2) Tucson v. (East #3) Carolina


Both Tucson and Carolina come into this bout looking to erase the memory of tough losses at their regional tournaments — Tucson lost the championship bout of the Dust Devil on their home court by a mere 11 points to Rat City, while Carolina was soundly defeated for the first time since August 2006 by Windy City, 104-55. (Carolina had been edged by Arizona Roller Derby, 76-73, in May.)

Tucson has been relatively quiet since Dust Devil, with their only interleague matchup against Madison in July. Tucson won that battle handily, 120-66. At the time, it seemed to be a demonstration that the East teams weren’t quite ready to challenge the West yet — however, Madison’s surprisingly early exit from Heartland Havoc at the hands of Windy City changed the storyline a bit.

Carolina, on the other hand, has the benefit of coming out of three bouts at Eastern Regionals and having just played an intense home battle against Texas on September 15 — while Carolina fell 64-59, the bout was close all the way through and wasn’t decided until the last moments of the final jam. That bout with Texas makes Carolina the East team that has played West teams the most (with two games against AZRD, two against Sin City, one game against Texas, and 20 minute bouts against Rat City and Bay Area at the 2006 Bumberbout), and that extra experience might prove to be a minor but crucial factor in a bout that looks to be fairly evenly matched.

Carolina players to look out for here: diminutive but dangerous crowd favorite jammer Princess America, the speedy Denise Lightning (formerly of AZRD, she joins Fisti Cuffs and Hard Anya as one of only three skaters in tournament play for both the East and West this year), and all-around threat Betty Rumble. For Tucson, there’s been a bit of turnover on the all-star team since the Dust Devil, but the intense Sloppy Flo, Tombstone Teri and Deadlock Doe are all back to attempt to bring Tucson the championship that eluded them in February. The winner of this bout faces the winner of Gotham / Kansas City at 11am on Sunday.

333 Deadlock Doe // RIP Tombstone Teri // 187 Barbicide // 3-2-1 Boom Town Bandit // 24-7 Eli Wallop // 1917 Kali Clanton // * * Liberty Valancezuela // 7 Polly Graf // 986 Randi Canyon // 22 Sami Automatic // 62 Sassy Sue // 8 Sloppy Flo // 49cents Two-Bit Ore // C-4 Whiskey Mick // 0 Foxxy Locket // (spade) Huckle Betty // 1980 Metal Maiden // 711 Tumbleweed

1492 Princess America // 17 Ms. Anthrope the Mordant // 56 Shirley Temper // 223 Denise Lightning // 110 Kitty Crowbar // 5 Lucy Lastkiss // 63 Zella Lugosi // 13 Eva Lye // 11 Betty Rumble // 10 Militia // 256 Maddat U // 37 Violet Femme // 1 Billy the Kid // 131 DVS // 999 Holly Wanna Crackya // ? Krewesader Kate

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