Terminal Shorts Silicon, 200-162


EUGENE, OR–Despite a strong start by Silicon and multiple lead changes in the first period, the Terminal City Roller Girls (WFTDA 39) overtook the Silicon Valley Roller Girls (WFTDA 101), 200-162 on the first day of the Big O Tournament in Eugene, Oregon.

Silicon started out strong, only allowing Terminal to score 2 points in the first 3 jams to their 15. By the middle of the first period, there were 4 lead changes with Silicon at 58-54 after a savage hit by Silicon blocker Spankin’ Firecracker stopped Terminal jammer Luludemon, opening up the inside line for Silicon’s Mad 4 Gravy.

Terminal retook the lead 64-62 just five jams later and dominated the remainder of the period with what ended up as a 50-0 run to makes it 104-62 Terminal at the half.

While Silicon was able to close the gap during the second period, they never regained the lead. A track cut in the last jam by Terminal jammer Barbarich allowed Silicon to score an additional 24 points, ending the game 100-162 in Terminal’s favor.

While the rankings may not reflect it, the teams appeared fairly evenly matched on the track. Both had agile, strong jammers and blockers that had incredible defense as well as the ability to switch quickly and play effective offense. However, Silicon did not capitalize on power jam advantages as their more active offense kept pack speeds up and limited their scoring opportunities.

Terminal’s Kim Janna was the top scoring jammer in the game, scoring 71 points in 10 jams. Terminal’s blockers assisted by playing persistent and often brutal defense, with one highlight for the Canadian defence letting Janna in for a 21-0 jam without the SVRG jammer trapped in the pack. Mad 4 Gravy was Silicon’s top scoring jammer with 68 points.

Terminal jammer Bobbie Barbarich, who scored a total of 48 points in the game, said “The most challenging part of the game were the first two jams… figuring out where the hits were coming from and what the refs were calling. By the second period, I was focused on getting my hips past the other team and scoring points.”

Terminal certainly did just that.

Recap provided by Scarletta Vendetta.

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