Rated PG Tentative 2015 Bout Schedule

Merry Christmas to you and yours from the Rated PG Rollergirls! And a very special Happy Birthday to our very own Katt Van Doom!

*Photo taken at Day of Derby by Diz Ruptive Photography

We've got one more Christmas present for you...it's our tentative 2015 bout schedule! Not all dates are confirmed and could change, but we will keep you updated!

January 17 - Sk8fest (home)
February 19 - Scrimmage in the Raw (home)
March 21-22 - Northern Exposure Tournament 2.0 (home)
April 4 - Rated PG VS Gold Pain City (home)
April 18 - Rated PG VS Calgary (away)
April 25-16 - Northern Exposure Extended Tournament (home)
May 16 - Rated PG VS Harbour City (home)
May 17 - Rated PG VS Harbour City Bangover (home)
June 6 - Rated PG VS Gold Pain City (away)
June 13 - Rated PG VS Fort St. John (away)
June 20 - Rated PG at Summer Slam (away)
June 27 - Rated PG VS Bad Apple Betties (away)
July 11 - Rated PG VS Northcoast Nightmares (away)

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