Team New Zealand Announce 2014 roster


The New Zealand Roller Derby Association has announced a 30-skater training squad for official international bouts at Blood and Thunder’s world cup in Dallas this year.

The squad is comprised of New Zealanders currently residing in Australia, the USA and Canada, as well as at home in New Zealand. Only six skaters from the 2011 World Cup have returned to the squad.

DNN News Editor Hannah Jennings – your humble correspondent – joins the squad for the first time.

Anna Pave-U’Ova (Richter City Roller Derby)
Beatrix Skiddo (Richter City Roller Derby)
Blue Blaze (Swamp City Roller Rats)
Coup D’eTalia (Pirate City Rollers)
Diva DemolisHer (Dunedin Derby)
Elicia Nisbet-Smith (Rose City Rollers, USA)
Evil K Neevil (Dead End Derby) *
Fia Fasi Oe? (Pirate City Rollers) *
Haki Pao Pao (K-Town Derby Dolls)
Hannah Jennings (Terminal City Rollergirls, Canada)
Hellvetica (Mount Militia Derby Crew)
Ivy K’nivey (Victorian Roller Derby League, Australia)
Jemolition (Richter City Roller Derby)
Justass (Swamp City Roller Rats)
Lady Trample (Pirate City Rollers)
Meat Train (Richter City Roller Derby)
Mel-icious Mayhem (River City Rollers)
Miss Crunchbull (Hellmilton Roller Ghouls)
Miss Metal Militia (Hellmilton Roller Ghouls) *
Nicki Noxious (Dunedin Derby)
OrKazzMic (Dunedin Derby)
Perky Nah Nah (Victorian Roller Derby League, Australia) *
Princess Slayer (Richter City Roller Derby)
Roni Diamond (Mount Militia Derby Crew)
Serious Crash Unit (Otautahi Roller Derby League)
Skanda Lass (Richter City Roller Derby)
Skate the Muss (Pirate City Rollers) *
Tank-U (The Bay City Rollers, Australia)
Terror Satana (Pirate City Rollers) *
Whakintawh (Taranaki Roller Corps)

Coach – Pieces of Hate*

*Have previously played for Team New Zealand
(Leagues are New Zealand-based unless stated otherwise)

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