Team Legit Robs the Bank On LA Ri-Ettes, 125-96


LOS ANGELES, CA — With a decisive 125-96 victory on Saturday night, Team Legit became the first interleague team to defeat the L.A. Ri-Ettes on their home turf since the Ri-Ettes were formed as a primary travel team in 2008.

The Ri-Ettes, whose tryouts were delayed until two weeks ago by the Red Bull Banked Jam last December, only had 7 returning members (including previous Ri-Ettes lineups) and only had time for a few practices before the game. Of the new skaters, few had any banked track interleague experience, but had played throughout the 2010 LADD intraleague season.

For this game, the only skater who hadn’t played with Legit before was Melissa “Psycho Babble” Hayden, who had previous banked track experience joining with Tucson and Friends against the Ri-Ettes last September. It was a Team Legit that wasn’t making newbie banked track mistakes.

And it isn’t hyperbole that Team Legit is packed full of some of the best flat track skaters in the world. It’s a statement of fact.

Starting with three lead changes in the first 15 minutes, it appeared that the game would be a close one with a slight Ri-Ettes edge as the Ri-Ettes came from behind to take the first quarter 26-24. But Legit came back with a 7-0 in the first jam of the second quarter to retake the lead, which changed hands two more times before the half ended on a 51-42 Legit lead.

This was already a lower scoring, defensive matchup than Ri-Ettes-Legit matchups in 2010, where the second quarter scores were in the 65 point range and within a point between the teams. At Battle on the Bank III, Legit defeated the Ri-Ettes in the two-quarter round robin semi-final, 66-65, and in the previous full game with the Ri-Ettes the score was 65-64 Ri-Ettes. In that game, LA won 133-127 with a controversial last jam major disqualifying the Legit jammer.

But the March 2010 Legit/Ri-Ettes game was Team Legit’s second banked track event, and they were still acquiring a regular membership. They were thrown off by lead jammers being able to change mid-jam with a pass, and jam call offs having to take place only on the track.

At the opening of the second half, the Ri-Ettes started closing the lead, getting within 3 points by the fifth jam, 56-53 Legit. But they stayed at the 53 point mark for four jams while Legit widened their lead to 68-53 before the Ri-Ettes tied the score with a 10-0 power jam. Legit reclaimed the lead for a jam when the Ri-Ettes closed the gap again, ending the quarter with a 73-73 tie.

Team Legit opened the fourth quarter with an 8-4, reclaiming the lead 81-77, and they’d hold that lead for rest of the game. Jordan “Juliet Bravo” Burnett followed with a 14-4 jam, widening the lead to 95-81 Legit. They followed with an 8-0 Power Jam from Lacey “Camen Getsome” Ramone, and finished their run in the fourth jam leading 107-84. When the Ri-Ettes could only reply with single pass scores, it started to look like the lead would go uncontested with time for five jams left in the game. When Burnett put another 10-0 up in another Power Jam, Legit’s lead widened to 117-89 in the next jam, it put a win all but out of reach for the Ri-Ettes. With one jam left, LA was only able to reach for 125-96.

Cecilia “Re-AnimateHer” got out of the pack as lead while LA’s Long Island Lolita was stuck in the pack. With Legit’s lead, Mater only had to eat up clock time and she skated backwards behind the pack before the game and jam clocks ran out. Team Legit won against the LA Derby Dolls Ri-Ettes with their greatest margin of victory yet, 125-96.

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