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LONDON, ENGLAND–The UK Roller Derby Association today announced the 31-skater Team England training squad for 2014. Teams for all of England’s bouts this year, including Blood & Thunder’s World Cup competition and next month’s triangular series with France and Canada, will come from this squad.

The squad comprises 18 skaters from London Rollergirls, four from Cardiff’s Tiger Bay Brawlers, two from each of Manchester’s Rainy City Rollergirls and the Middlesborough Milk Rollers, and single representatives from London Rockin’ Rollers, Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, Dublin, Nashville and Manchester Roller Derby.

The full squad is as follows:

Betty Swollox (London Rockin’ Rollers)
Bloxie Blackout (Tiger Bay Brawlers)
Dos Santos (Tiger Bay Brawlers)
Ella Storey (Middlesborough Milk Rollers)
Fay Roberts (Rainy City Roller Girls)
Frightning Bolt (London Rollergirls)*
Goregasm (London Rollergirls)
Grievous Bodily Charm (London Rollergirls)*
Hell Vetica Black (London Rollergirls)
Holly Hotrod (Sheffield Steel Roller Girls)
Jen Sykes (London Rollergirls)
Juicy Lucy (London Rollergirls)*
Kamikaze Kitten (London Rollergirls)*
Kid Block (Tiger Bay Brawlers)
Kitty Decapitate (London Rollergirls)
Lexi Lightspeed (London Rollergirls)
Lorrae Evans (London Rollergirls)
Missy Rascal (Rainy City Roller Girls)*
Olivia Coupe (London Rollergirls)
Pip Gray (Tiger Bay Brawlers)
Raw Heidi (London Rollergirls)*
ReLisa Kracken (London Rollergirls)
Rogue Runner (London Rollergirls)*
Shaolynn Scarlett (London Rollergirls)*
Sophia-Ann Loathing (London Rollergirls)
Stefanie Mainey (London Rollergirls)*
Terri Sudron (Middlesborough Milk Rollers)
Total Frey-hem (London Rollergirls)
Trisha Smackanawa (Dublin Roller Girls)
Union Jack U Up (Nashville Roller Girls)
Vic Tori Bee (Manchester Roller Derby)

*Have previously played for Team England

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