Team Bionic Wins Debut Over LADD Tough Cookies, 99-75


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — In the debut game for hybrid superteam Team Bionic, Bionic hosted a home team from LA Derby Dolls, the Tough Cookies. Although it was back-and-forth in the first two quarters and was a narrow 39-31 favoring Bionic at the halftime break, the home team extended their advantage in the second half to keep the Cookies just out of striking distance for the homestretch. Bionic took the win 99-75.

Check out video highlights from Todd Bradley. For the team rosters, see the bout preview.

The first few jams of the game were very low scoring. Bionic’s Alde Pantzue went 5-0 on jam 3 and the Cookies’ STEFCON 1 went 4-0 on jam 4, but those jams represented the majority of both teams’ points for some time. After nine jams, it was just 9-7 Bionic. The Cookies grabbed a short-lived, two-jam lead just before the end of the quarter, but a 5-0 quarter-closing jam from She Who Cannot Be Named left it a tie at 16-16.

Bionic’s Francey Pants broke the stalemate on the first jam of the second half with a 5-0, but the Cookies kept Bionic off the scoreboard for the next four jams and retook the lead with an 8-0 to STEFCON 1 that made it 25-21 Cookies. Raven Seaward added a 3-0 next to give the Cookies a 7 point lead with about 8 minutes to go in the half, 28-21.

However, that would be as good as it got for the Cookies. Bionic went ahead for good with a 4-0 to Psycho Babble followed by a 5-0 to She Who Cannot Be Named, and it was 30-28; the half ended a few minutes later with Bionic narrowly extending the lead to 39-31.

The second quarter had been a rough one for Bionic’s DeRanged, who picked up 4 majors in the 15 minutes, but she came out to jam the opener of the second half and got Bionic major momentum by landing the first double grand slam of the game with 10-0; that made it 49-31. Bionic got the lead up to 20 points at 56-36 about halfway through, and the Cookies only knocked one point off the lead by the end of the quarter, which closed at 67-48 Bionic.

Although the gap wasn’t out of reach for the Cookies, they couldn’t get any rally going in the final 15 minutes, particularly with almost every jam ending after only one scoring pass. After the first five jams of the quarter the Cookies were working on a slow comeback, cutting 4 points off the lead to make it 73-58, but the fatal blow came on the next jam when MC SLAMMA put up a 10-0, making it a 25 point game at 83-58.

From there, the margin didn’t change much, peaking at 26 points and closing at 24 points for a 99-75 Bionic win.

Although DeRanged was not used as a primary jammer, only taking the star 5 times in the game, she made her jams count to lead scoring with 24 points and a +22 jammer point differential; Francey Pants had 23 points on 11 jams (+5 JPD) and She Who Cannot Be Named had 20 points on 10 jams (+4 JPD). Alde Pantzue had 18 points on 7 jams but an impressive JPD of +14.

For the Tough Cookies, it was STEFCON 1 who was the major offensive threat, putting up 21 points on 7 jams and holding a strong +17 JPD; primary jammers Raven Seward (18 points on 10 jams, -5 JPD) and Laguna Beyatch (3 points on 10 jams, -26 JPD) were mostly marginalized.

Team Bionic had a notable advantage in penalty time served, with 29 total penalty minutes served against 38 for the Cookies. Bionic did not have any of their players foul out of the game, although Ecko pushed it to the limit by getting one minor penalty away from her 7th penalty minute; Deranged was next with 5. The Cookies, on the other hand, would see Armed Kandy leave the game on a 4th quarter foulout; Gori Spelling and Fleetwood Smack both finished one minute short of ejection.

Bionic’s next game is against the all-star team from LADD, the L.A. Ri-Ettes, February 11 in LA; the Tough Cookies don’t play as a unit again until April 28, up against LADD local team Varsity Brawlers.

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