Tallhassee Jailbreak Betties Vs. The Molly Roger Rollergirls

The packed stands full of Molly Roger loyals were treated to an epic struggle that saw the game go into the last jam, even the last second, with a 131-131 tie. The Tallahassee Jailbreak Betties escaped again taking the last jam and the game 139-135 leaving the breathless crowd disappointed at the end but still tingling from the thrill of the ride. The action seemed exceptionally hard hitting as the two crews renewed with a legendary heat, a long time rivalry that had taken a one year sabbatical. 

The evening featured a somber halftime tribute to one of the Mollies greatest deckhands, Noni Edwards, who fell in a battle with cancer. There were many misty eyes in the stands including those of this weathered old pirate. Her family and closest friends in attendance were presented at halftime with a signed jersey by Circus Peanut and Shirley Mayhem to show how much Noni meant to our league and that her spirit will never be forgotten.

The action on the track was tumultuous as the Molly Rogers showed the next pirate up mentality by pulling career best performances out of many skaters while missing a couple of their biggest cannons. MVP blocker Oxidizing Angel was seemingly everywhere with shoulders and booty cheeks. Julie BlackNDeckher, alongside and Circus Peanut, playing their best game to date making the seas rough on the Bettie’s jammers. Fan favorite Snap Happy pulled another MVP Jammer award along with volleys of thunderous applause and cheers from the stands. MaSin Voorhees continues to flash brilliance as her derby knowledge and skill set grow to match her natural talents and speed skate training. While fellow pirates Deep Space Fine and Loch Nessa contributed to the jammer line up by putting consistent pressure on Tallahassee walls. Ruthless Roxy spent her time knocking out Tally opponents so far out of bounds, some bodies landed in the front row! Top to bottom the effort and growth was noticed, then rewarded by the crowd who rocked the boat with chants of exultation.

The Jailbreak Betties escape was guided by MVP jammer Frozen Tundra plotting the path and MVP blocker Orville WreckNBlocker clearing the way in this exciting evening or roller derby. Team captain Erin Breakabitch scored the final points that lead to the Betties final break for freedom and a clear path to the afterparty.

My ears ring and my head is still spinning as I pass this yarn on to you. Don’t rely on my second hand account though, get yourself a seat on the main deck for our next bout July 12th complete with double header action as the Soul City Sirens come down like the devil from Georgia to lock horns with our Molly Rogers and BAM tries to hold the walls versus the Wrecking Balls from South Carolina.
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