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Meet Oz Rider! Photo by Chris Switzer

When I lived at Montreal, I saw once a Derby Roller show. I found that was amazing and I was fall in love about this practice. I remember, I thought in my head “one day, me too I will be on the track” you know, kind of voice that you have in you who often announce a truth. I keep this affirmation in my drawer of mind during two years. Since last January, I live in Michigan and after couple month I decide begin, but my first defi it was stay up on the roller skating, I was practice just on front my home and one day i will go at Roller Rink on Van dyke and I saw that it was possible, the Eastside Derby Girls recruiting the people of 8 until 88 years old…and for the beginners. Wonderful !!! it’s for me !!! Go, you can do it !
So, after two months of practicing, I can stand up on my skates, try to go fast, jump, fall and jump again and especially have of fun with the others members on the track and outside also.
That is fantastic !!! 
I’m from France, and on there we just begin to practice the Roller Derby. It’s a new sport on there. I have practiced different sport since my teen as the run, climbing, tap dance and of course, I love use my bike “Balboa” “that’s his name” as much as possible.
So next step for me…a game !!!!

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