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Ani Mae Moxie, photo by Chris Switzer

Happy Halloween!!!!

I have been playing Roller Derby with EDG for over 3 years now.  It’s awesome to see how far the team has come and how it has changed over the years.  I was able to join just a couple months after it was created and was able to participate in all but the first half of our first season, skating my first bout just after the first of the year.  I remember our first season and the hard work the girls put in and the dedication.  That hard work and dedication really paid off as we started to see some wins our second season.  Our third season was also awesome and I am excited to see where we go as we delve into this new season.

I have been able to participate in all aspects of the league and have learned that making a league successful takes a lot of hard work!  It certainly isn’t for everyone, taking the responsibility of a Board position or that of a Committee Head.  It is amazing the work that goes into every aspect of the league.  Every game has planning that starts weeks and sometimes months in advance and every league member be it NSO, skater, or ref plays a part.  It is truly a dedication of love that brings it all together, and the team is a family that gets it done.



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