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Sarious Bizz #539, photo by Chris Switzer

 So, when I picked my name I never imagined that I would see it listed in the Referee section of our programs.  I had seen the skaters take their introduction laps at games and I could picture myself doing it, slapping hands with all of the players and hearing my name fill the venue (yes I have always been a little dramatic!).  Well, I did get to hear my name and take my lap, several times and it was amazing.  Now my name is called in the Referee Introductions, still fills the venue, and I have become very comfortable with my role and love it more each time I do it!
Getting hurt sucks, can’t get deny or sugar coat that.  And sometimes, in any sport, the injury changes your entire involvement in the game.  Roller Derby is no more dangerous than other full contact sports, especially if you follow the rules and wear all of your safety gear, but it seems to drive such a dedication and intensity for the sport that injuries can be devastating to the soul.  Mine soul weeps a little bit still, each time I join the girls for a scrimmage or really hard practice and my knee stiffens and aches after or worse yet, just can’t handle the activity.  But becoming a Ref, which is much harder than I ever could have imagined, has brought my Derby light back in full intensity.  I have so much respect for the guys and gals who used to yell at me and make  hand motions at me and kick me off the track, they have a really tough job!
Reffing has taught me so much more about Derby than I ever thought I could learn.  I can now really help my girls with serious game play and strategy, because I REALLY get it. I love being able to share my new experience with them and watch them improve and grow.  But, when the stripes are on and we are in game play, all relationships are aside, it’s my job to keep ALL of the girls safe and playing a legal clean game.  If you commit a penalty, you serve the time in the penalty box.  Action and consequence.  Makes me wish life could be that simple….

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