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First off, I have to apologize that has only been getting new articles about weekly lately. It’s just been so damn busy with summer events, travel, heavy drinking, etc. We TRY to be derby junkies 24/7, but sometimes other things get in the way. Oh well, from the looks of things, Mark over at US Rollergirls is just as busy. I’m sure we’ll all be back in a derby frenzy soon enough.

Unfortunately, none of that travel is going to include Rollercon and now it looks like I might not be able to make it to Bumberbout either. Ass. I’m still working on that one, though. I REALLY want to go to report on the action and cheer on the Dairyland Dolls.

The travel DID include a trip to Portland, OR where I caught a Rose City Rollers bout. Sweeeet. The bouts were great. Exciting and competitive…much improved from the Rose City we saw in Tucson in Feb. They’ll do much better at next year’s Division 2 West tournament. I rooted for the Breakneck Betties and I was rewarded with a victory and some cute panties to take home to my girlfriend. The production was top notch! The large, air conditioned exhibition hall was set up with full-size bleachers, a brand new sport-court floor (owned by the league and laid out tile by tile, ugh!) and a bigass concert-quality lighting rig and sound setup. Very nice. The packed house (~2000 people) paid $15-$25 admission, so I think the large production investment should pay off nicely for the league. Rock upon Rose City!

A group of us also made it out to Milwaukee a few weeks ago to catch the premier of the Brewcity Bruisers. Talk about urban commando derby! The short bouts took place in the middle of Summerfest, a giant music and food event. The girls skated on concrete with beer flying down on them and trash blowing onto the track. Not optimal conditions, but the crowd was great and the whole situation just screamed Milwaukee. The skating was slow and scrappy, but fun all the same. About what you’d expect for a rookie outing, on concrete, with beer slicks on the track. The whole thing wrapped up with a teary-eyed wedding proposal (male ref takes a knee for his rollergirl, she nods “yes” for all the crowd to cheer). I muchly look forward to the Aug. 11 official first bout. Rock upon Brew City!

The best news of all: my favorite derby girls of all, Madison’s Dairyland Dolls, were the first team ever to defeat one of the Austin elite, the Hotrod Honeys. I owe y’all a keg, and I’ll be happy to deliver when and where you say! I still haven’t found out if I owe Crackerjack a bottle of Jamo. I’m already foaming at the mouth for the big MN v. Mad bouts this fall.

Lastly, thanks to all you readers for your support and love. Traffic to the site continues to grow beyond belief – we’re going to have to move to a new server soon!

Stay tuned, all y’all.

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