Summer Round-up

It's been a busy summer for the TitleTown KnockOuts!  Our last bout with the Dirt Road Dears brought us another WIN with the help of our guest skaters- Krispy Kreme-her, Amanda Hug N Kill, AdrenaLynn, Lucid S8 of Mind, Betty Machete, Devil's AdvoKate, and Kahlua & Cream-Her.  We had an amazing crowd!  Thanks to our refs, NSOs, family, and friends for coming to support us!

We also represented at the Canine Carnival!  Chaos and Havoc were there to show the other pooches how awesome derby mamas are.

And here we are celebrating our ONE YEAR BOUTING ANNIVERSARY!!  It's been an amazing year- we've made so much progress as a team, and we keep improving after every practice, and after every bout.  Let's keep it going!

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