Statewide Stampede win for Glory!

IMG_8193Today Westside Glory played the Witches of Eastwick at Round 3 of Statewide Stampede hosted by East Vic Roller Derby in Ferntree Gully.

Westside won the game 196 – 40. Thank you East Vic for a great game and we’ll see you again at Round 4!

It’s traditional that an MVP (most valued player) blocker and jammer are chosen from the opposite teams at the end of the game.

This time Crosby (jammer) and Crotch Candy (blocker) were chosen by skaters from East Vic as the MVPs! Congratulations!!!!

IMG_8239From left: Crosby, Crotch Candy, Cupcake Fairy and Apple Rumble – MVPs Round 3 Statewide Stampede

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