ECDX 2013: Massacre Throws Tantrums, 197-128


FEASTERVILLE, PA–On day three of the East Coast Derby Extravaganza, WFTDA #24 ranked Boston Massacre squared off against the WFTDA #26 Tampa Tantrums. The last time these two teams faced each other was ECDX 2011, when Tampa got the upper skate, 86 over 80. Boston took the honours in a much higher scoring encounter this time out, taking the win 197-128.

The first half was about as close and hard fought as a derby fan could want. Both teams fought their hearts out as the number of lead changes and scoreless jams certainly attest.

Maya Mangelyou took the line for Boston to start the evening, against Tampa’s Smooth Operator, as a Boston crowd shouted for pinching. It didnt help, though, as Mangle got stuck behind a front Tampa wall long enought for Operator to slip through. She didn’t pick up any points, though, 0-0.

Tampa’s Breezy fought her way through in the second jam while Tampa blockers stymied Lil’ Paine. She came through for a grand slam but Lil Paine escaped and Breezy called it off before her second scoring pass. 5-0 Tampa after the first score of the night.

Space tried to answer back, fighting through for the first Boston lead jammer of the night. She only manages three points, though. The two jams after that were defensive struggles with no scoring. Boston took lead on both but Tampa right on their heels forced early calls.

Just over 5 minutes into the half, Tampa’s Lil Bit Breaker broke off a bit of Boston’s blockers for the first multi-pass jam of the night. She slipped through unnoticed while Bettie Kruger harassed the towering Shark Week. By the time Shark managed to swim free, Breaker was already on her third scoring pass. 18-3 Tampa, and play stopped for an always invigorating official time out. A bikini-and-tricorne clad lobster used that time to pump up the always enthusiastic Boston cheering section.

Dixie Kicks got lead for Boston on the next jam, but fell getting out of the pack. Breezy was recycled at the same time, though so didn’t get a chance to capitalize. Kicks made 2 points out of that on, but PhDiesel answered back with 3 of her own, in the next jam, with Flyin’ King hot on her trail. Apolo Ana slipped through the inside on the next jam and got a grand slam and 2 more points before calling it off. 28-5 Tampa.

With Tampa pulling ahead, Shark Week took the line. She barreled up the center for lead while her teammate Ginger Kid beat up on Tampa’s Laryn Kill. After getting recycled a couple times, Kill got frustrated and was sent off for a High Block with 18:40 left in the first, giving Boston the first power jam of the night. Shark bit into the Tampa lead to the tune of 14 points before calling it off. The outside pack ref indicated a Cut Track but the jam ref waved it off. 28-19 Tampa.

After some post-jam discussion that cut track penalty was assessed, so the next jam started with both jammers in the box, Laryn Kill standing and ready for immediate release. Boston spanned all the way back but couldn’t do much to hold on to Kill once she got on the track. They put forth some very vigorous defense with Craisy Dukes, Vixen T Hitcha, and Dixie Kicks all being assessed Out of Play Blocks while Kill picked up 9 points. 37-19 Tampa.

After a scoreless jam, Lil Paine picked up a couple points as we passed the 15 minute mark of the first period. Another scoreless jam followed that one as these incredibly well matched teams battled for every inch.

The next jam looked like a chance for Tampa to expand their lead, with Little A anchoring a T block and keeping Dixie Kicks in long enough for Lil Bit Breaker to escape and begin scoring. She got called on a Cut Track, though, and headed to the box. Dixie Kicks passed the star to Ana Wrecksya who manages some scoring. 42-29 Tampa.

Space Invader took over to close the gap. Boston went passive and Space got the scoring engine running. Lil Bit managed to get through the pack on her return, but Space had already picked up 14, enough to take the lead for Boston with 9:45 left in the half. 43-42 Boston.

After yet another scoreless jam, Flyin’ King flew through the pack for Boston, picking up 3 scoring passes. Her run was cut short when she cut Laryn Kill. Breezy picked up 10 of her own on the power jam but Boston still had the lead 58-52.

That lead would not survive the next jam, however, as PhDiesel stepped up to the line with King still in the penalty box. Tampa goes passive and Diesel gets lead and one scoring pass before King is released. King tried to stop the bleed but got pounded by Tampa’s defense while Tampa got 4 more scoring passes. King passed the star to Maya Mangleyou who got right through. PhDiesel called it off before Maya could score and had already picked up 24 for herself, for the largest single jam gain of the game and another Tampa lead, 76-58.

On her initial pass of the next jam, Space Invader emerges from the pack, but falls lands in a spectacular split. She pops up runs but without lead jammer status, owing to a No Pass. She got the chance for one scoring pass but Tampa’s Smooth Operator rode her coattails out, got lead, and called it to limit the damage. It was 76-63 Tampa after that.

With 2:34 remaining in the first half, after that, play stopped for an Official timeout. Boston’s fans filled the air with enthusiastic cries of “Boston, Boston, Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!” The lobster made another appearance.

Lil Paine shortened the gap with a 5-0 jam over Tampa’s Breezy, before the final jam of the half. Maya Mangleyou and Apolo Ana took the line and began fighting their way through the pack. Maya caught a lucky break when Ana got called for a Cut Track on her initial pass. Leaning on Maya’s strength, Boston went passive while Maya picked up 10 points and took the lead 78-76. As she tried to widen the gap further, Maya got called for a Forearm penalty releasing Ana from the box. Ana dashed out onto the track and started fighting through. She completed her initial pass with just 15 seconds left on the jam clock, the period clock already having expired. She flew around the track and managed to pick up 3 points as the jam ended, retaking the lead and going into halftime, 79-78 Tampa.

Kicking off the second half with Maya starting in the box, Lil Bit took the line unopposed. She pushed through a strong blue wall but Maya released during her first scoring pass, limiting her to a single point. Lil Paine took the star next for Boston. She slipped up the inside of the pack for a 4-0 jam, retaking the lead for Boston 82-80.

Space Invader faced PhDiesel, for the third jam of the second period. Diesel raced up the inside but got cleared out by Vixen Ta Hitcha, clearing the way for Space to grab lead. Space came around and got 4 points, but Diesel came right behind her and answered with 4 of her own. On the next pass, Diesel came through right on Space’s heels with both jammers picking up 4 more points. PhDiesel gets out in front of Space on the third scoring pass, but Space puts her faith in her blockers and doesn’t call it off. They manage to hold Diesel scoreless while Space Invader darts through for 4 and extends the tiny Boston lead to 94 over 88.

Those were the first 4 of 39 unanswered Boston points as they started going on a run. Shark Week added to their lead, bean-dipping Allie-kat Scratch while picking up a grand slam. She picked up one more on that jam.

Boston was assessed an Illegal Procedure penalty for having too many support staff on the bench. Ana Wrecksya took the captains seat in the sin bin to serve the penalty, as Lil Paine lined up against Smooth Operator. Paine got out with lead while Smooth picked up a Cut Track on her initial pass. She picked up a second minute for an over-zealous crash landing in the penalty box, leaving Paine with the rest of the jam to score. Paine squandered that opportunity with a Back Block, however, and shaved a minute off Smooth Operator’s sentence, losing lead jammer in the process. Strong defensive work from Maya Mangleyou recycled Smooth and managed to keep her from doing any damage after returning to the track. 19 points for Lil Paine, 119-88 Boston.

King followed that one up with a 3-0 jam over Lil Bit. King took a ride on Blaque Jac while she was trying to skirt the outside on her initial pass but recovered in time to get lead.

Space Invader aimed to keep the momentum rolling, blasting through blocks like Base Shelters. Times were less easy for Breezy, as she was stuck in the pack while Boston scored, but a Cut Track for Space Invader proved a lucky break. That turned into 20 Tampa points, breaking their dry spell but Boston retained the lead, 129-108.

Boston took a timeout, with 19 minutes remaining in the game. When they returned, Maya Magleyou lined up opposite PhDiesel. Maya comes out ahead with lead while LCD and Shark week beat up on PhDiesel from Boston’s strong wall at the rear of the pack. In a flurry of activity, Shark Week knocked Diesel off the track and dashed towards the back to recycle her. Unfortunately, she plowed headlong into Laryn Kill and was whistled off for a well earned Direction of Gameplay penalty. PhDiesel, seeing her opponent heading to the box, hopped back on the track but missed Hayley Contagious, whom had run back as well, and she headed to the bin on a Cut Track. In a stroke of good Tampa fortune, Maya picked up a Forearm penalty around the same time, so neither jammer had to sit long. It was a 144-108 Boston lead after that one and Tampa called a timeout to regroup with just under 17 minutes to play.

Things did not show much improvement for the Tantrum, however, with Lil Paine going 5-0 the next jam. Little A from Tampa went down at the end of that one, appearing to have taken a hit to the face. Medical staff came to her aid but she got up unassisted and returned to her bench. She took a little time off, but did return later in the game.

There was no relative score movement for the next four jams. Space Invader did get 4 with a dramatic apex jump, undercut by Smooth Operator scoring 4 at the same time, swinging around the outside. This lasted until13:00 remaining when Flyin’ King nudged Boston’s lead up by 2. Ginger Kid and Vixen wound up in the box on that jam, leaving a severely depleted Boston pack for the next one. 155-112 Boston.

Paine rushed forward but got stuck while Smooth Operator slipped through that 2-blocker Boston pack. She managed to pick up 10 points and closed the gap to 33 points. With more than 10 minutes remaining, the game was certainly not yet decided.

Space invader pulled a quick 3-0 jam before a Boston timeout at 9:23. Maya came on after that and squeezed out 5 more before Lil Bit got out and threatened to score. 163-122 Boston.

As Boston picked up steam, Flyin’ King juke through the pack for lead, toppling over-reaching Tampa blockers. King started making her scoring runs while invigorated Boston blockers knocked the wind and morale out of Apolo Ana. She passed the star to Little A. A had better luck getting out but wasn’t able to pick up any points.

Going in to full clock management mode, Paine made a very cautious first scoring pass on the next jam, after getting lead. She picked up 4 and called it. Tampa called a timeout to regroup at 4:58. 182-122 Boston.

Space Invader expanded the Boston lead by seven the next jam. Maya came on after that and pried her way through the scrum for lead. Little A managed to recycle her on her first scoring pass, but Maya let the clock run. This let Lil Bit Breaker pick up 4 points and break the 6 jam drought, but leaving a 197-126 Boston lead with just 2:15 left to play. PhDiesel got lead the next jam, but nothing short of a couple power jams was going to do it for them, so she called it off when Lil’ Paine got out of the pack and was ready to score.

With 50 seconds left on the game clock, Boston’s Flyin’ King lines up opposite Smooth Operator. Smoother Operator gets a Cut Track on her initial pass, sealing Tampa’s fate. King comes out with lead and races around the track to start scoring but her bench waves her off. She stops behind the pack and appears to balk at the request, but Ginger Kid turns her around and points at the expiring period clock. Kid, King, and Dixie Kicks stand in a circle and raise their arms high above their heads. They’re smiling ear-to-ear as the crowd chants the clock time. “3! 2! 1!” In unison, the three of them touch their hands to their hips and call off the final jam, Boston 197 over Tampa 128.

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