Spring Roll: MRDA Round-up


In it’s first official international tournament the MRDA Spring Roll continued to make history in 2014. Your Mom Men’s Roller Derby out of Des Moines, Iowa proved once again why they are the top ranked team in the nation with two big wins.

Your Mom v Mass Maelstrom

In one of the fastest and most frantic bouts of the weekend the Mass Maelstrom had the opportunity to try and overthrow the current champions of the MRDA. The early lead jammer action of Biron certainly put them on a good track as Jurasskick Park followed suit with a power jam against reliable Your Mom jammer, Frank not so Hotra.

Your Mom’s new jammer, former speed skater Rollamite, started out his turn on the jammer line with a 15 point jam moving the momentum towards Des Moines. The Massachusetts blocking seemed to be what was causing most of the problems for Des Moines as Coleran and Gaudet managed to recycle Brett Stang to the outside of the pack several times. Stand recovered with five points and Des Moines defense kicked into high gear matching Massachusetts in a scoreless jam between Jurasskick and Rollamite.

Your Mom answered with Lily Pad, but despite gaining lead jammer status was unable to break fully past Gaudet and Pickering. The second quarter showed a variety of penalty trouble for both teams as Becker and Larry did some amazing defensive work against Jurasskick on a power jam until Jurasskick’s penalty box trip released Rollamite from the box.

Rollamite followed with several more penalties giving Mass the advantage over the next few minutes, including an assist from Gaudet that yielded 4 points for Biron. Frank not so Hotra answered with a 10-point power jam and a roll around Coulter and Hasselman for a total of 15 points. To round out the first half Your Mom handed the star to Peter Pan, who added five points to the board.

Conlin began the second half with a power jam against Rollamite but is not able to cash in; that resulted in Rollamite’s 14-point power jam during Biron’s penalty. The big hits from Massachusetts’ formidable blockers continued into the second half as a Coulter forced Lily Pad to call off the jam. With Massachusetts decision to put Gaudet in to jam they added four points to the board as Gaudet rolled around Just Mike. The next few lead jams for Maelstrom seemed promising until your Mom sent Frank back in to power jam causing them to break the century mark and pull ahead of Maelstrom by a wide margin. Despite several power jams from Conlin and Gaudet Massachusetts was not able to recover and Your Mom took the win.

Mount Royals v Your Mom

Despite an early score by Montreal’ El Tonda Your Mom used their dominance of clock time and deep jammer rotation to keep the point spread high. The surprise for everyone though was Montreal’s Vi King Size proving to be a serious double threat to any team as he single handedly took on Becker at the front of the pack in the first half to force him out of bounds breaking up Des Moines solid walls. Brett Stang answered back with a big hit on The Duke a few jams later leaving the opening for a star pass to Peter Pan giving Your Mom the win.

Mount Royals v Cincinnati Battering Rams

Montreal did much better when they met newcomers Cincinnati Battering Rams with the Rams coming out ahead by one point. The Mount Royals kept within fifteen points of Denton County Outlaws for the first twenty minutes of their game with King Size taking a fourteen point jam from Jonathan Elliott on the power jam. Elliott answered back in the very next jam with ten points. TJ Binkley with the top number of lead jams in that game pulled Denton ahead to win in the second half.

Mount Royals v St Louis Gatekeepers

Coming up against the Gatekeepers Montreal added some power to their defense with The Rev and Big Panda who managed to keep Magnum P.I.M.P and Shane Bower at bay for part of the first half. After some brilliant defense by Neil Death Experience on the jammer the star was passed to Mardi Gras in an attempt to continue putting points on the board. Unfortunately for Montreal Debaucherous Prime and Shane Bower were assisted by the Gatekeepers deep blocking complement lead by Percy Control who were able to hold Montreal scoreless the last twenty five minutes of the bout.

Magic City v Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers and Magic City bout started out with both teams running into penalties. With Debaucherous Prime going to the box and Bratz on the power jam it looked like Magic City might be headed for a win. Bratz took a penalty at the end of the jam the Gatekeepers took the lead. Hartsfield managed to take the lead jam after forcing the track cut from Magnum but was unable to score.

With The Saint blocking Prime took lead adding to the Gatekeepers lead and despite the blocking skills of Harrell, Bratz and Dyer Handrail was able to score five points. Magic City started running into jammer penalty problems in the second half and Bratz’ push of fifteen points in the second half was not enough to give Magic City the lead.

Magic City v Cincinnati Battering Rams

Magic City starts out the bout against the Cincinnati Battering Rams on a high note picking up several lead jams and putting points on the board. Cincinnati took the lead with a big jam and with Micheal Bratz nine point lead jam the lead changed again.

Later, Quad Almighty took the line and with an assist by Tink picked up fifteen points. Creeper attempted to keep the momentum going but was stopped by veteran blockers Heath Frazier and Chris Harrell. The blocking pattern of Magic City was kept up with Token’s five point score with the help of Hartsfield and Opie. Creeper finally answered back with a five point power jam on Robin’s penalty. Nine Oh uses the end of the power jam to collect two points but is countered by Robin’s five-point jam out of the box. The trading of jammer penalties by Quad and Token leads to a scoreless two jams coming into the half. After a five point jam by Quad there was a long stop in play when a helmet cover was lost from Magic City and Cincinnati interfered in game play during retrieval.

With Cincinnati breaking the century mark early in the second half Magic City started to run into penalty trouble. Nine Oh tried to cash in, but was stopped by Frazier and Jason Mosley. Christoper Smith quickly took lead jammer and put five points on the board to push Magic City ahead.

For the next several minutes the blockers took control of the bout leaving both teams scoreless until the star pass to Tink who scored five points. It looked like the Rams might start a comeback with ten minutes remaining in the bout as Magic City was plagued with penalty issues. With strongly rotated jammer Token fouled out and Bratz losing several jams to injury the Rams worked on the opportunity to gain a lead back. Christopher Smith quickly took the lead and used the power jam to stretch out the point spread and give Magic City the win.

Magic City v Race City Rebels

Most people in men’s derby have seen Magic City and Race City face off before, but this years Spring Roll opening bout was something completely new. With Flatliner starting out the bout with a power jam and Big N’ Plenty setting the stage with a big hit on veteran Magic City blocker Opie the Race City Rebels showed the crowd what they had been doing with their year.

Bratz stayed solid as a jammer by taking lead in his first jam and putting five points on the board for Magic City. After a penalty by One Nate Stand the line of Carrbomb, Hawt Rod and Sir Nix a Lot managed to hold Bratz for most of the thirty seconds until he finally broke free with five points and gave Magic City the lead.

Tomka Truck answered back with a defensive push out of bounds on Bratz and picked up five points with the assist from Nix. In a huge offensive push Bratz took advantage of a Race City jammer penalty with 18 points putting Magic City to within four points of the lead. A follow up nine point jam by Christopher Smith pushed Magic City into the lead. A big hit by Hartsfield forced Tomka Truck to call of the jam without gaining any points leaving Nix to regain the Race City lead into the half.

Magic City quickly turned the tables in the second half after a big hit by Cowart on Tomka Truck. With Magic City putting their focus back on defensive play Race City added Ron Scaremy to the jammer rotation while Big N’ Plenty, Hawt Rod, Meek and Zechner out to block.

At the quarter the Misfits were gaining speed with a score within twenty. With Token’s ten point power jam the Misfits took of and for several minutes held Race City scoreless. Flatliner finally broke the scoreless streak but the damage was done and Magic City took the win 173-167.

Carolina Wrecking Balls v CT Death Quads

The Death Quads started out their bout with the Carolina Wrecking Balls by showing why they are one of the hardest hitting leagues out there. With a big hit from Fro Serious resulting in a power jam by Kenny Cloudkicker the Death Quads pushed the score ahead. With several star passes to Circle Jerk the Death Quads offense took a hit in the penalty box leaving Carolina’s Rugburn to catch up. Despite some excellent blocking by Be Radd and Crashasarous Rex in the second half Carolina Trifecta took advantage of the power jams to the lead.

Denton vs Carolina

The Denton County Outlaws bout against the formidable Carolina Wrecking Balls started out as a battle of power jams until after the first quarter. Denton’s jammer rotation, which included TJ Binkley, Kyle Diver and the newly rostered Keith Rucker was clearly ready to make a statement with this first sanctioned bout of the league’s career.

Diver’s early double power jam over Carolina’s Trifecta added 15 points to set the tone. Despite the Outlaws experienced jammer team Carolina’s Reptile Disfunction and Rugburn made them work for the extra points.

The Outlaws answered by putting in Johnny West whose footwork made Carolina rethink their strategy. West’s 19-point jam at the quarter put the Outlaws over the century mark with Carolina still in single digits. Veteran transfer skater Tim Kugler led the blocker line including Jake Gauslow and Nick Putscher in holding back a string of Carolina jammers and giving Binkley a chance to open up the point differential to a comfortable lead for Denton.

Carolina finally pushed over the double-digit threshold thanks to double threat Trifecta, Donkey and Old Dirty Packer’s blocking skills against Diver. With The Resolution taking lead jammer at the end of the first half Carolina was able to add points to the board leaving a one hundred point lead for Denton at the half.

The second half saw excellent blocking by Carolina but despite a nine point power jam by Old Dirty Packer Denton’s clock management and patience pushed them to a 218-51 lead.

Denton vs Mount Royals

Denton’s premier showing brought them another win against Montreal’s Mount Royals. Vi King Size once again showed his skill at jamming but was not match for the veteran blocking of Jonathan Elliott and Luke Powell. Transfer skaters TJ Binkely and Tim Kugler lead the jammer team for Denton as they took the win.

Denton v Southern Discomfort

The score of Denton County Outlaws bout against Southern Discomfort stayed surprisingly low for the first quarter as the lead jammer count was neck in neck. Discomfort pulled ahead with a few big jams, putting them ahead of Denton coming into the second quarter.

Despite the big hit on Ballistic Whistle he managed to score 10 points before Johnny West made it through his initial pass. Discomfort continued to show its skill with Reaper picking up lead jammer and controlling the clock against Tim Kuegler. TJ Binkley and West answer back with two big jams with Reaper stuck in the back of the pack being held by Kuegler and Divers. Two big power jams by Ballistic pushed Discomfort ahead again until Binkley got the blocking assist by Philip Stout to lap Mr. Furieux. With a star pass to West at the end of the period Denton pushed ahead for the lead.

Denton’s jammer penalty trouble in the second half was exploited by Discomfort’s Reaper and Furioux quickly putting them almost a hundred points past Denton. Denton added Rucker to the jammer rotation who added several points to the board including power jam against Reaper. Despite Southern Discomforts several injuries in the last quarter and the big 10 point jam by Binkley Denton was not able to overtake Discomforts formidable lead.

Southern Discomfort v CT

Southern Discomfort’s schedule for the weekend was extremely busy as they faced off with the Death Quads

A big power jam by Circle Jerk in the first part of the bout set a good pace for them. A big hit by Fro Serious on Furieux wasn’t enough to stop him from moving closer to evening out the score and despite the blocking from Be Radd, Kenny Cloudkicker and Crashasarous Rex, Stone R was able to pick up lead jammer and turn the score around.

Blitzkreig took advantage of the power jam by picking up five points and keeping the lead for Southern Discomfort. With Fro, Hit Happens and Crash drawing the penalty on Reaper it looked like the Death Quads might take the lead again but a penalty on B Radd gave Reaper the opportunity to pick up more points. A star pass to Circle Jerk yielded extra points for the Death Quads but despite penalty issues for Southern Discomfort in the second half they took the win.

Southern Discomfort v Maelstrom

Southern Discomfort’s first showing at Spring Roll was memorable for everyone including the Massachusetts Maelstrom. Both teams began the bout by leaving their jammers in control of jams in favor of a defensive posture creating a segmented looking pack.

After a few full two minute jams which garnered passive offense the bout started to move a bit faster. Biron’s power jam over Ballistic Whistle put Maelstrom ahead by two until a 5 point jam by Reaper which put Discomfort up by one point. Coleran, Hasselman and Chiller held back Reaper during the next jam giving Cilantro the opportunity for some excellent foot work and extra points. Both teams were working on a strong defensive strategy proven by the low scoring jams in the first quarter no of which were over ten points.

Cilantro’s nine point jam in the middle of the first half pushed Massachusetts to a lead of 18, the widest lead thus far. Discomfort answered by putting in Sutton Impact and Spectral who blocked Jurasskick Park but Hasselman drew the penalty from Furioux forcing Spectral and Hooks to close ranks on Gaudet. With twenty five seconds remaining in the first half Ballistic Whistle jumped the apex gaining ground and bring the score to a tie of seventy going into the half.

Massachusetts came in from the half and different team and held Discomfort scoreless for the first twelve minutes of the second half. Despite Discomforts efforts to keep the pack moving fast Jurasskick Park scored fifteen points putting Maelstrom over the century mark.

After a failed star pass to Ballistic Whistle who then took the penalty Reaper pushed Cilantro to the outside and forced him to call the jam in a strategically defensive move by Discomfort. With Biron in the penalty box Reaper has a chance to put thirteen points up for Discomfort with Furieux adding six to close the point gap. A final push by Massachusetts puts the final score of this bout at 184-131 in favor the Maelstrom.

Gatekeepers vs Southern Discomfort

With Bled Zepplin, Sweet Tooth and The Saint in blocking position Screech was able to obtain lead jammer against Reaper. Southern Discomforts Stone R and Samroid made the Gatekeepers work for every point though while blocking Magnum P.I.M.P.

Shane Bower picked up lead jammer but was quickly overtaken by Ballistic Whistle to keep the score within several points. Furieux continued to round out the Discomfort jammer pool by taking lead against Magnum and picking up five points. With an injury to Rolling Thunder just before the second half the Gatekeepers pull away for a large lead on Southern Discomfort. The second half has Southern Discomfort substituting Stone R in for the other half of the jammer pool out on injury. They do manage to keep up an excellent defense of Spectral Aberwraytion and Sutton Impact but can’t hold back the Gatekeepers who took the win.

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