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Ever find it hard to keep track of your leagues sponsors?  Ever wish you knew where your league kept all the promo codes for each sponsor?

Well you will be happy to know, we added a sponsors section to help keep track of them all.  So your league no longer needs to go to one person to ask for each new sponsor.  You can keep them all in one place now!

Its pretty simple to get started.  We have included a new Sponsors button in LEAGUE section of RDNation.

As you can see from above, you can have as many sponsors as you would like.  Each sponsor page can be viewed by the entire league.

We have also included a nifty little Use Icon.  If someone clicks on it, it will count up how many times the sponsor has been used.  This is on the honor system, but it allows you to see if your league used them or now.

Hope you like this new addition.  We hope it helps you keep track of your sponsors better!

Veggie D.

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