South Central Semifinal: 2SC Texas Reaches Finals With 218-75 Win Over 3SC Nashville


KANSAS CITY, MO — On Friday night, Texas ejected No Coast from the South Central tournament for the second year in a row; on Saturday, they went one better by ejecting Nashville for the third year in a row. Texas won by 184 in 2009 and by 105 in 2010; this time the score landed almost exactly in the middle as Texas won by 143 in a 218-75 final. Texas guaranteed themselves a slot in the WFTDA Championships tournament with the victory.

Nashville’s game did not get out to a good start when their leadoff jammer Ramb0 Samb0 was boxed on a back block barely 10 seconds into the game; Texas jammer Bloody Mary battled her way through for 9-0 to start. Fortunately for Nashville, Texas jammer Olivia Shootin’ John returned the favor by low-blocking her own way to the box and a fresh Ramb0 Samb0 ran up a 15-0 to give Nashville a 15-9 lead after two jams.

That lead only lasted one, as Texas went back up 17-15 on a natural grand slam next; as it turned out, Ramb0′s second-jam 15-0 stood as Nashville’s only points in the first 20 minutes. With a quarter of play gone, Texas was up 41-15; Nashville’s next points came at about the nine minute mark when Olivia Shootin’ John decided to keep a 14-3 jam going against Rock Nasty. That put the score at 72-18 Texas late in the first half; at the break, Texas was solidly up 93-24.

Once again Nashville was held to scoring on only one jam in the opening series of the second half, picking up only 1 point in the first 13 minutes before Ramb0 Samb0 got an 8-0 powerjam; at that point, the score was 149-33 Texas. Texas called timeout there and answered with their biggest jam of the game thus far, a 30-0 to Vicious Van Go Go that made it 179-33.

Texas broke 200 points on a Bloody Mary jam with just under 8 minutes left in the game, although Nashville had a fairly strong closing few jams to cut a bit off the Texas lead and close the game at 218-75 Texas.

Texas advances to Sunday’s championship game and automatically qualifies for WFTDA Championships in November; Nashville is still alive for an invite of their own, as they head to the third place game to play the loser of the Atlanta / Kansas City game.

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