South Central Semifinal: 1SC Kansas City Burns 4SC Atlanta, 220-96


KANSAS CITY, MO — The South Central’s reigning champions, tournament top seed Kansas City, lined up against 4 seed Atlanta for the second time this year. In their first meeting Kansas City won decisively 224 – 73. While Atlanta improved the score over the last game it wasn’t by enough to win, and Kansas City romped into the South Central final with a 220-96 win.

Kansas City’s Kelley Young started things off by snagging a quick two points before Atlanta’s trailing jammer was able to call the jam. This began a advantage that Kansas City would not relinquish the entire game. Kansas either got lead or forced Atlanta to call it off before scoring any points for the first five minutes, and the score was 15 – 0 for Kansas City. Soon after, both jammers got simultaneous trips to the box. Despite Atlanta’s Wheelin’ Jennings getting out first, Hall Balls got through the pack quicker and put up 9 points to Atlanta’s 4. Atlanta’s jammer got sent back to the sin bin at the start of the next jam, and Kansas City went on a 34 point run, giving them a commanding 58 – 4 point lead after just over 10 minutes.

Atlanta’s Hollicidal put Atlanta back on the board with 4 more points, and her team then went on a minor points run, heaping 12 more on their modest pile with the help of a power jam to put the score at 58 – 20 with 10 minutes left in the half. Both teams got a series of power jams in the final minutes of half that greatly benefitted Kansas City over Atlanta. Going into the last jam of the half the score was 96 – 28. Kansas City’s Kelley Young got lead and 5 points to cross the century mark, but a major track cut gave Atlanta 30 seconds of power jam before heading to the locker room with the score at 106 – 32 Kansas City.

Atlanta continued their power jam in the second half with The Merchant of Menace taking 4 points. Kansas City’s Kelley Young and Track Rat took back to back lead jams and 29 points between them to widen the gap to 136 – 39. Atlanta’s Bruze Orman picked up a huge 19 points with the help of a very physical Atlanta pack that held Kansas City to 0 points. Two jams later a major low block left Atlanta’s Nora Gretz as the only jammer on the track and she snagged Atlanta 15 points and a much closer game of 140 – 73.

With just 10 minutes left in the game the score was 169 – 86 Kansas City, but Kansas City went on a 10 minute run, 40-0 run that left just one jam left and the score at 209 – 86. Atlanta used a time out to regroup which allowed Bruze Orman to take the lead for Atlanta when the last jam of the game started. Despite being behind the Kansas City jammer, Atlanta continued playing just for points and pride, possibly trying to cross the century mark themselves. In the end Kansas City took 11 points to Atlanta’s 10, and the final was 220 – 96.

Kansas City will advance to play Texas in the final game on Sunday at 6:30pm; both teams are guaranteed a trip to the 2011 WFTDA Championship Tournament in Denver. Atlanta battles it out for third place, and a trip to the championship as well, against Nashville on Sunday at 4:30pm.

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