South Central Quarterfinal: 3SC Nashville Keeps 6SC Tampa at Bay, 122-102


KANSAS CITY, MO — South Central 3 Seed Nashville and 6 seed Tampa took the track against each other for the first time since Nashville defeated Tampa at the Rocket City Rumble mini-tournament in 2009. While Tampa kept the game close, history repeated itself and Nashville won 122 – 102.

Tampa Bay took the initial advantage when Little A put 3 points on the board to Nashville’s 0. Tampa’s Barbie Bont lined up against Nashville’s Ramb0 Samb0, but Rambo was the only one to come away with any points, closing it up at 3-2. A natural grand slam by Nashville’s Rock Nasty widened the score and Ramb0 Samb0 added a few more to leave the score at 15 – 7 Nashville after 7 minutes. Strong jamming by Tampa’s Little A gave them the lead again, and a power jam helped Tampa’s Barbie Bont expand the lead to 34 – 15 with about half of the period clock gone.

In the second half of the period a series of mistakes by Tampa’s Barbie Bont sent her to the penalty box twice in one jam, and Ramb0 Samb0 helped Nashville regain momentum, and the lead. Rock Nasty continued Nashville’s hard work, and the score was 63 – 34 with just over 10 minutes left in the half. A series of small point jams slowly raised both teams score up to 73 – 43 at the 3 minute mark, but the half ended with unanswered points Nashville’s Ramb0 Samb0 to leave the score at 86 – 43 when the period ended.

The second half started with Nashville taking lead multiple times, but Tampa being the only team to put up any points. Tampa had added 2 to their total after 5 minutes and the score was at 86 – 45 Nashville. Tampa’s Barbie Bont and LittleA crept things up, hitting a few points and calling it off before Nashville could respond, and it was 86 – 51 Nashville after 8 minutes in the second period.

Tampa’s jammer Barbie Bont lined up against Lady Fury, but Barbie Bont went almost immediately to the box after completing her initial pass, and Lady Fury followed shortly after. Nashville’s endurance allowed them to capitalize on the 2 minute jam and expand their lead to 97 – 55. As the period reached its halfway point, both teams had added a few notches to their count — Nashville in the lead with 105, and Tampa 59.

As the second period began to wind down Nashville ran into some penalty problems, which allowed Little A and Barbie Bont to add 9 more points to Tampa’s total. Nashville’s Maulin Monroe responded with her own 4 points, and with just 10 minutes left the score was 109 – 68. Tampa’s Barbie Bont had a few more missteps that led to an untimely ejection, but Nashville failed to put up any points in response.

On the very next jam Little A redeemed Tampa’s jammers and took lead on a power jam that saw Nashville’s Lady Fury go to the box, and Tampa pick up 10 points, moving the score to 109 – 78. Shortly thereafter both teams jammers took trips to the box in quick succession, though only Nashville managed to put up any points, a total of 3 over 2 minutes. Right as the jam ended Tampa’s Twisted T earned her fourth minor, giving Nashville a power jam to start things off with. Nashville’s power jam saw Lady Fury take lead, but Tampa kept the pack speed up and held them to only 6 points. A last jam rally by Tampa’s Flirtin W. Disaster let them put up a big jam for pride, but the Nashville advantage was too large to make up in the time remaining; as the jam and period ended Nashville remained in the lead, 122 to 102.

Nashville moves on to play the winner of the Texas vs. No Coast game in Game 10 at 2pm on Saturday, while Tampa moves on to play 8SC Green Country in Game 8 at 12pm Saturday in the consolation bracket.

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