South Central Quarterfinal: 2SC Texas Blasts 7SC No Coast, 273-64


KANSAS CITY, MO — 7SC No Coast marched into this game coming off a solid opening win over Omaha, but Texas didn’t waste much time snuffing out the Lincoln team’s hopes for an epic upset. For the second year in a row, Texas blew out No Coast by over 200 points in the South Central quarterfinals to eliminate them from contention for Championships. This year’s final was 273-64 — almost the exact same margin as last year’s 251-50.

After ten minutes Texas had jumped out to a 50-17 lead, and Texas got a chance to explode their margin when they put out Olivia Shootin’ John to jam while No Coast ended up with a backed up queue in the penalty box; No Coast’s jammer was completely stuck behind Texas blockers Sarah Hipel and Barbara Ambush and OSJ blasted to a natural 34-0 win. With just about a quarter of play time gone, Texas was already up 88-18, and continued to hold No Coast to just the tiniest slivers of offense.

It wasn’t until there were about 4 minutes left in the half that No Coast finally had something go right; Texas completely filled their box and Cleosmackya pulled out a 8-0 over a very light pack. On the other side of the powerjam, Texas had only 1 blocker out of the floor and Flash Gloria kept the momentum up for the underdogs with an 11-0. Still, though, the game was all but out of hand by then at 133-37 Texas; at the half, Texas held a triple-digit lead at 140-37.

By the time No Coast got their next powerjam about ten minutes into the second half, Flash Gloria could only turn it into 4-0 against an effective, slow-pack penalty kill from Texas, and it was 182-44 Texas following that jam. Two jams later, Texas broke 200 points on a Bloody Mary jam that moved it to 207-44 with 16:36 left to play.

With just over 4 minutes to play and the score 249-53, Olivia Shootin’ John got a jammer’s dream when No Coast jammer Flash Gloria failed to reach the track on time, giving Texas a 2 minute powerjam — given the situation, No Coast’s ability to hold her to only 20-0 was somewhat impressive. When the game was over two jams later, Texas had the win by 209 points, 273-64.

Texas will face Nashville in tomorrow’s semifinal at 2pm; No Coast plays again Saturday at 8pm against the winner of Saturday morning’s Green Country vs Tampa Bay game.

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