South Central Quarterfinal: 1SC Kansas City Strikes 9SC Gold Coast, 274-36


KANSAS CITY, MO — South Central reigning champions and 1 seed Kansas City met new 9 seed Gold Coast in their second ever tournament game. Gold Coast quickly found out why Kansas City is the top ranked seed in the region, as it was 15 minutes into the first half before Gold Coast broke into the double digits; when the rout was over, Kansas City put up the day’s biggest point total — and point margin — with a 274-36 win.

The first period started with Kansas City’s Kelley Young taking a quick lead and putting a natural grand slam on the board before calling it off. Within 5 minutes Kansas City took lead 3 more times and widened their lead to 16 – 1. Kansas City’s Track Rat nearly tripled their score to 42 – 1 with 5 natural grand slams in 2 minutes.

Gold Coast managed a minor rally when Kansas City had two blockers in the box, and picked up two leads in a row resulting in a score of 63 – 12 with 15 minutes left in the period. The rest of the half resulted in Kansas City again tripling their score as Gold Coast’s jammers went to the box 4 times, giving Kansas city a plethora of scoring situations. The half concluded with Kansas City’s commanding lead of 160 – 17.

The second half started with Gold Coast’s Stone Bitch Blues taking lead, but failing to put any points up for their work. Gold Coast picked up another lead and two points, but Kansas City profited almost as much each jam, and after 5 minutes it was 173 – 19. The next 10 minutes saw Kansas City put up point after point, while Gold Coast struggled to collect even a handful. With 15 minutes left in the game the score was 222 – 22.

The second half of the period saw Gold Coast’s Blaque Jaq put on the jammer star for the first time and take lead jammer status, but a major back block on her part allowed Kansas City to expand their lead to 250 – 25 with just 10 minutes left in the half. Gold Coast took home a few more points and leads, including a 2 point lead jam at the very end of the game by Iggy Cox, but they couldn’t keep up with Kansas City. At the end of the day Kansas City won 274 – 36.

Kansas City advances to play 4SC Atlanta in the semifinal at 4pm Saturday, while Gold Coast moves on to play the winner of 5SC Houston vs 10SC Omaha in the consolation bracket on Saturday at 6pm.

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