South Central Playoffs: 9SC Gold Coast Upsets 8SC Green Country, 137-127


KANSAS CITY, MO — South Central 8 seed Green Country and 9 seed Gold Coast played each other in their first WFTDA Regional Tournament game, but Gold Coast skated away with the victory in a game where the lead changed hands over 10 times. The game came down to a fatal jammer miscalculation for Green Country on the second-to-last jam, setting up a closing Gold Coast powerjam that let them capture a ten-point win at 137-127.

The first three jams went clearly in Green Country’s favor, as they collected 10 unanswered points in the first 4 minutes of the game. A powerjam led by Perkeylicious widened the gap to 25-0 after 5 minutes. A smart timeout allowed Gold Coast to regroup and put a few points on the board; however, Green Country continued to expand their lead, and after 10 minutes the score was 36 – 7.

Finally, a power jam begun by Gold Coast’s Jamsterella put up 3 points, but tough defense by Green Country forced her to call it off and let the power jam be continued by Tsunami Tsue. Follow up jams lead by Baller Shot Caller and Jamsterella finally put Gold Coast in the lead at the 15 minute mark, 37 – 36, while a follow up jam expanded their lead to 46 – 26. As the period clock counted down Green Country rallied with the help of a huge 14 point power jam by Green Country Captain Perkeylicious, and retook the lead at 59 – 52 with less than 5 minutes. Another power jam in Green Country’s favor with 3 minutes left in the half let Green Country’s Temptress Storm gain only 5 points against a fast and tough Gold Coast pack which they dominated 4 blockers to 2. The half ended with another pair of power jams for Green Country, and one for Gold Coast, and the first half ended at 71 Gold Coast, 64 Green Country.

Green Country took the first lead of the second half, but ended up giving Gold Coast’s Tsunami Tsue a power jam, who turned it right back over to 9Killameter; the result was 5 points for Green Country. The lead changed hands several times over the course of the next few minutes with the help of 8 points from Gold Coast’s Jamsterella, until it settled at 90 – 90 with 15 minutes left in the half. After a series of scoreless jams Gold Coast retook the lead again with Jamsterella adding 6 points, and Baller Shot Caller adding 3.

With just 10 minutes left in the half Gold Coast’s Jamsterella lined up against Perkeylicious on the jammer line, but a flying block by Gold Coast’s jammer sent her to the box, and allowed Green Country to retake the lead and the century mark at 104 – 99. Not content to let Green Country get comfortable, Gold Coast’s Lucy Liunatic switched the lead again at 109 – 104 Gold Coast with 6 minutes left on the clock.

As the game reached its end Green Country’s Temptress took lead, but a fourth minor sent her to the box and allowed Jamsterella to expand Gold Coast’s lead to 119 – 107. Baller Shot Caller with Gold Coast took lead and was sent to the box; however, the jam ended with Green Country’s Perkeylicious going to the box when she called it off and wasn’t the lead. The score was 128 – 127 in Gold Coast’s favor with less than 2 minutes left, and Gold Coast starting with a power jam. Gold’s Lucy Liunatic took the lead and added 9 points, ending the game at 137 Gold Coast, 127 Green Country.

Gold Coast moves on to play 1SC Kansas City at 8pm; Green Country moves on to play the loser of the Nashville vs Tampa Bay game at 12pm on Saturday.

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