South Central Playoffs: 7SC No Coast Quashes 10SC Omaha, 159-45


KANSAS CITY, MO — South Central 7 seed No Coast held the 10 seed Omaha to just 16 points on 4 jams in the first half on their way to a big tournament-opening win at 159-45.

Though the first and third jams went 0-0, No Coast’s Slam Anderson ran up a 7-0 natural grand slam on the second jam, giving No Coast a lead they’d never relinquish. Omaha’s Anna Maniac pulled a very quick 4-3 for Omaha’s first points on jam 4.

It was 17-8 No Coast when Omaha got the game’s first powerjam status about 10 minutes into the jam, although Ima Firestarter, unable to break pack for almost all of the minute, ended up calling the jam as soon as she got lead, and the powerjam dissipated before Omaha could score any points. Still, though, Omaha’s Anna Maniac managed to pick up a natural 4-0 on the next one, and it was a low-scoring, close contest at 17-12 No Coast with 16 minutes left in the first half.

However, that was the end of Omaha’s offensive production for nearly the remainder of the half. Two jams later, No Coast got their first powerjam opportunity, and their Kobra Kai was able to put up points as her pack successfully isolated an Omaha blocker; it went 10-0 for Kobra Kai and No Coast was up 31-12 with about 13 minutes to go in the first half. That seemed to be the jam that got the ball rolling for No Coast; NC’s Slam Anderson added a 13-0 next and No Coast won a series of low scoring jams to a new score of 55-12 with about six minutes left.

Omaha called their first timeout there, but it didn’t turn the momentum around; Omaha remained unable to get on the board through the following 5-0, 4-0 and 0-0 sequence. They finally got some points from Anna Maniac putting up a 4-0 with about 30 seconds left in the half, but No Coast finished the half off with a natural 8-0 that gave them a solid 72-16 lead at the break.

The halftime break didn’t seem to change the nature of the game much. Although Omaha was able to slightly reduce the rate at which No Coast was pulling away, the margin continued to grow. With 15 minutes to play, No Coast was up 125-31, and their lead continued to hover around that triple-digit margin until they finally broke it on the game’s second-to-last jam, a big 20-0 powerjam to Flash Gloria with about two minutes left. That made it 155-45; one jam later, No Coast won at 159-45.

No Coast moves on to play 2SC Texas at 6pm; Omaha heads to Saturday’s consolation rounds, where they will play the loser of Atlanta / Houston at 10am.

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