South Central Consolation: SC7 No Coast Rolls Over 8SC Green Country, 163-41


KANSAS CITY, MO — 7 seed No Coast defeated 8 seed Green Country in April, 183 – 63; however, No Coast’s higher seeding appeared much less secure going into this game than it it really was. No Coast proved that they had more than enough advantage and soundly defeated Green Country.

Green Country’s Perkeylicious started things off right by taking the lead and four points to give them a short lived lead. Green Country got two more successive leads but was unable to produce any points even with a power jam. Green Country’s Temptress Storm picked up their team’s, and the game’s fourth consecutive lead but only got 4 points to No Cost’s 9, switching the lead permanently to No Coast, 9 – 8 after 5 minutes. Three No Coast leads by mainstay jammers Cleosmackya, Kobrai Kai, and Flash Gloria widened the gap to 22 – 10 after 10 minutes.

In what appeared to be a momentum change Green Coast’s Perkeylicious attained lead jammer status, but got a major track cut after earning 4 points. No Coast’s Slam Anderson took advantage of the situation and widened the lead further to 37 – 14. No Coast resumed running the track and went on a 28 point run to leave the score at 64 – 14 with just 10 minutes left in the half. Perkeylicious took lead for Green Country and added 7 points, but No Coast went right back to their run over the next four jams and expanded the gap to 88 – 23. A last second penalty allowed Green Country to start with a power jam that allowed their own Temptress Storm to take lead, but she got stuck behind a tough No Coast pack that forced her to call it off when No Coast’s jammer snuck through the pack for points. The half ended at 93 – 23 after a scoreless jam.

The half started the way it ended, with No Coast’s Flash Gloria taking lead and 9 points. Green Country’s Perkeylicious started with a power jam but failed to get lead before Cleosmackya came out of the box and took it, along with 3 more unanswered points. Green Country’s 9Killameter took the lead, and advanced the score to 109 – 29. No Coast again resumed running the board for the next 8 jams and slowly marched their lead up to 146 – 29 with just 10 minutes left in the game.

Green Country decided to mix things up by sending in mainline blockers to jam and it paid off somewhat. Green Country’s Toxic Ta’Kilah took lead on a power jam and rolled into 9 points before calling it off.

In what proved to be one of the most penalty stricken jams of the tournament, Green Country’s powerjam continued with Elektra Violette taking the lead and almost immediately getting her 4th minor right as No Coast’s jammer, Slam Anderson, was released from the box. Slam made one quick lap and went right back to the box with a major back block releasing Elektra to her scoring pass. Not to be out-penaltied, Elektra went back to the sin bin for the second time on a low block major. Final result was No Coast still far in the lead, but the gap closed at 146 – 41.

As the game reached its climax, No Coast put up unanswered points over the next five jams to end things at 163 – 41.

No Coast advances to play Houston for 5th place on Sunday at 2pm. Green Country is relegated to fighting for 7th place in a tournament rematch against Gold Coast on Sunday at 12pm.

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