South Central Consolation: 8SC Green Country Stuns 6SC Tampa Bay, 130-117


KANSAS CITY, MO — South Central 6 seed Tampa Bay Derby Darlins and 8 seed Green Country Roller Girls took to the track in the consolation bracket. This was their first meeting despite being in the same region for years. Green Country took momentum from Tampa and held onto it for most of the game with strong teamwork, while penalties plagued Tampa’s otherwise smart play, and Green Country scored a surprising 13-point upset at 130-117.

Tampa’s Little A started things off with the lead and putting a grand slam plus 2 points on the board, but Green Country slowly cut away at that lead over the next four jams and claimed the lead for the first time at 20 – 19. Tampa’s Taz Maniac and Little A reclaimed the lead for Tampa with a series of low scoring jams, and at the 12 minute mark the score was 23-20 Tampa.

A major penalty by Green Country’s Temptress Storm gave Tampa the opening they needed, and Little A racked up 10 points, and Taz Maniac added 3 more on a follow up quick play, giving Tampa a little breathing room 37 – 27. A series of back and forth jams saw the total climb to 48 – 40 Tampa, but the last jam of the half was a Green Country power jam that gave them 15 points and the lead while both teams went to their locker rooms to ponder the score of 55 – 48.

The second half of the game saw Green Country’s power jam continue. Tampa’s penalty box was full with a blocker waiting to serve, while Green Country’s was empty. Green Country’s Temptress Storm quickly capitalized on this taking lead and 15 points, but a major track cut saw Tampa’s Taz Maniac released and then sent right back to the box allowing Green Coutry to put up 10 more points. Green Country’s lead expanded to 80 – 48 after just two intense minutes.

Not two jams later, Tampa’s Rojo Grande got lead against 9Killameter who was sent to the box for a major track cut. Rojo was unaware of her power jam and called the jam off thinking 9Killameter was somewhere ahead of her. Tampa, looking to still capitalize on the power jam. sent in star jammer Little A. Even after 9Killameter was released Green Country couldn’t get her out of the pack and Little A put up 25 points. It was immediately a close game again at 80 – 76 Green Country.

Temptress Storm and Rojo Grande gained 4 points each for their teams, and then in a jam that saw Little A go to the penalty box twice and 9Killameter go once, Tampa reclaimed the lead at 88 – 84. Two back to back jams by 9Killameter gave Green Country the lead, but Little A took it right back with just 12 minutes left in the game and Tampa ahead by 8 points at 98 – 91.

A Tampa major back block gave Green Country yet another powerjam, but a referee miscalculation saw all of Tampa’s blockers sent off the track and the jam called off in the resulting confusion. After the referee timeout two Tampa blockers were put back on the track, against Green Country’s Temptress Storm — she took 10 points and the lead for her team, 101 – 98. Tampa penalties continued to plague them, and 9Killameter was allowed to expand Green Country’s lead by 15 more points with just 6 minutes on the clock.

With less than a minute left, it was 130-113, still favoring Green Country. Tampa’s Little A took lead and four points, calling it off with just enough time left for another jam with the help of a timeout. Tampa needed at least lead jammer status for the comeback, but the rally was not to be, as Green Country’s Temptress Storm took lead and smartly called the game right as the period clock expired with Green Country in the lead at 130 – 117.

Green Country will advance to play No Coast Derby Girls on Saturday at 8pm, while Tampa Bay ends up fighting for 9th place against Omaha on Sunday at 10am.

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