South Central Consolation: 5SC Houston Staves Off 9SC Gold Coast, 138-106


KANSAS CITY, MO — After having an unexpectedly tough time against 10SC Omaha earlier in the day, 5SC Houston went up against 9SC Gold Coast and managed to stay just a few steps and a few jams ahead of their opponents to win 138-106. Houston’s victory gives them a shot at maintaining their regional standing when they play for 5th place tomorrow.

Things spooled out evenly in the first 5 minutes of the game, during which Houston established a small 13-7 lead before their jammer Brand-Aid had two very easy passes before Gold Coast blocker Spontaneous Combustya sent her flying with a huge hit. Brand Aid called there with a 13-0 and a 26-7 lead. However, Gold Coast’s Jamsterella answered with 10-0 to move it back to a single-digit game at 26-17 with 21 minutes left in the half.

Gold Coast stayed close and got to within 4 at 38-34 after a Jamsterella power jam, and Tsunami Tsue tied it at 38 with a hard-fought 4-0 next. There were about 11 minutes left in the first half at that point; the score remained tied at 43-43 after the next two frames, but Gold Coast could not get on the board in the last 6 minutes of the half. Houston took advantage of two jammer penalties on Gold Coast in that timeframe to go into the half with their biggest advantage of the game, 88-43.

The story of the second half was mostly the story of Houston holding Gold Coast just at arm’s length — while Gold Coast got slightly closer than their 45 point deficit at the break, they were never able to get within one jam. With 6 minutes left to go, Gold Coast was still just outside of striking range at 135-102, but a 3-0 for Houston followed by three 0-0 jams in a row killed most of the time Gold Coast had to come back. Gold Coast had a timeout in their pocket and forced a final jam with 21 seconds on the game clock and the score 138-102 Houston, but could only pick up 4-0, and the game ended at 138-106 Houston.

Houston plays the winner of No Coast / Green Country at 2pm on Sunday for 5th place; Gold Coast, the 9th seed in the tournament, is guaranteed to improve their standing when they play the loser of that game for 7th place at 12noon.

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