South Central 9th Place: 6SC Tampa Bay Bests 10SC Omaha, 176-73


KANSAS CITY, MO — The first placement bout of the tournament saw two teams skating against each other for the first time; South Central 6 seed Tampa Bay and 10 seed Omaha. Omaha would, at worst, leave this tournament in the same place they entered it, while Tampa’s standing looked much worse after two tough penalty riddled losses. Fortunately for Tampa Bay, they maintained a fairly comfortable lead for the vast majority of the game and managed a 103 point victory and 9th place.

The game started out a little scary for Tampa, as Omaha picked up lead the first two jams, and the score was 4 – 2 in Omaha’s favor. Tampa regrouped and their jammer Flirtin W. Disaster put 3 grand slams up right as the clock passed the 5 minute mark to give them the lead at 17 – 4. Tampa went on a scoring run with seven back to back lead jammers, and expanded the score gap to 40 – 8.

It was starting to look like Tampa had gotten over their penalty problems, but just as their jammer Barbie Bont got lead she, and Omaha’s jammer Anna Maniac, were sent to the box for major low blocks. Both were in and out in less than 2 seconds, but tough Tampa defense masterminded by Lunch Lady kept Omaha to 4 points, while Tampa gained 22. The result was a very comfortable 62 – 12 lead. Another jammer penalty gave Omaha’s Mikillya a power jam, and as a result of apparent desperation Tampa’s blockers were sent to the box one after another for various rules infractions incurred while trying to stop Mikillya; Omaha snagged 14 points and closed the gap to 62 – 26.

The half ended with the teams going back and forth scoring for the next ten relatively clean jams. While both teams increased their pile of points, Tampa netted more than 3 for every 1 of Omaha’s points, and the score board read 93 – 33 when the period ended.

With the resumption of the game Tampa continued their rout and expanded their lead over the century mark after two jams, and putting up a total of 15 unanswered points after six jams. Omaha managed to get the lead several times, but had trouble getting any points before Tampa’s lightning-fast Barbie Bont or Little A would force them to call it off, and five jams later the score was still wide open at 116 – 40.

The last 10 minutes of the game were dominated by Omaha power jams. Omaha had four of them to themselves but was held to a relatively light 28 points over their course. Even when combined with a handful of other points, Omaha just couldn’t keep up with Tampa Bay, who secured their victory 176 – 73, despite continuing their jammer penalty problems.

With the conclusion of this game Tampa is the tournament’s 9th place finisher, and Omaha the 10th place finisher.

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