South Central 3rd Place: 3SC Nashville Locks Down 4SC Atlanta, 213-38


KANSAS CITY, MO — When these teams met last year in this same game, Nashville nearly completely shut Atlanta down in the second half to win 132-73 and deny Atlanta a trip to 2010′s Championships. This year, Nashville did the same thing, only more so. Incredibly demoralizing defense featuring spectacular recycling from Nashville held Atlanta to just 1 point in the last 36 minutes of the game, and Nashville went on an unbelievable 143-1 run to take the tournament’s 3rd place with authority, 213-38.

Both teams crowded the jammer line to start off the game, and an opening-pass cut track major for Nashville jammer Ramb0 Samb0 provided an opportunity for Atlanta to take a 9-0 lead out of the gate. But Nashville took the lead back quickly with back-to-back 3-0 jams followed by a full-length 14-3 to Ramb0 over Hollicidal, making it 20-12 Nashville after about 9 minutes.

About midway through the opening half it was 34-19 Nashville when Atlanta had back-to-back jammer penalties that put them in serious trouble — Lady Fury dropped a 9-0 and Ramb0 Samb0 landed 18-0 to give Nashville a hefty lead at 61-19 with about 11 minutes in the half.

Nora Gretz picked up a badly needed 15-5 win for Atlanta two jams later when Nashville’s Lady Fury was boxed while holding lead jammer; that put the score at 66-34 Nashville, but Atlanta couldn’t capitalize on the other side of the powerjam as Maulin’ Monroe caught up out of the box at the last second and won the jam 4-3 over lead jammer Merchant of Menace. Nashville was up 70-37 with 6 minutes left at that point, and as it turned out that was the last time Atlanta got on the board in the half. At the break, Nashville was solidly in the driver’s seat at 99-37.

With 10 minutes gone in the second half, Atlanta was still blanked and looking increasingly demoralized. Atlanta finally got their first lead jammer of the half for Hollicidal, but she could only get 1-0 from it and Nashville was holding a huge 131-38 lead. On the following jam, Ramb0 Samb0 took Nashville’s margin solidly into triple digits with a 16-0 that made it 154-38 with 16:39 left to play. Although Nashville scored only 6 more points over the next 8 minutes, they got what they needed more, which was consistent lead jammer calls that kept Atlanta from doing anything offensively.

By the time Ramb0 Samb0 dropped a 25-0 powerjam with 8 minutes left in the game, making it 185-38, the ending was a foregone conclusion and the only question was whether Atlanta would be able to score more than a single point in the half — and they could not. Almost as if to underline how badly things were going for Atlanta, they failed to field a jammer following a lengthy referee timeout with about 2 minutes left, and a big 20-0 jam for Lady Fury pushed Nashville’s total to 211-38. One jam later, Ramb0 Samb0 ended things on a 2-0, completing the most dominant half of the weekend and ending the game at 213-38.

Nashville qualifies for the WFTDA Championships in Denver for the second straight year; Atlanta finishes in 4th.

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