Slaughter County Escapes Sick Town, 210-98


EUGENE, OR–The first bout of the Big O tournament on Friday at 2:30p.m. between the Sick Town Derby Dames (WFTDA 127) and Slaughter County (WFTDA 93) certainly set the tone for what would prove to be an exciting weekend of derby. Despite overcoming a sizable lead and pulling ahead in the final few jams of the bout, Sick Town fell to Slaughter County in the last jam with a final score of 210-198.

After a 0-0 opening jam, Sick Town’s Artic Wolfsbane jumped out in front of the pack. Due to an illegal pass she was not lead, however she did manage to put STDD’s first 9 points on the board before Darth Maulher worked her way through the pack earning lead and quickly calling it off. In the next jam Slaughter’s Momma Wreck N Ball got lead and put up 10 points before calling it off. Over the next several jams, the lead changed another four times seeing Slaughter Co up 20-24 with 19:25 to go in the first half. Although STDD faced a pretty serious blocker disadvantage due some early penalty trouble their size and hard hitting style kept Slaughter Co within 16 points.

With 10:52 to go, STDD started with their jammer Land Tuna in the box. Unfortunately for Slaughter Co Nika Puhleeze lost her lead due to a track cut and put STDD in a power jam of their own. This proved to be a momentum swinger for STDD as they managed to chip away at the lead and go into half time up 84-83.

Their lead was short lived though with STDD jammer ILL-NINJA going to the box in the opening jam of the second half and putting the score at 84-108 in favor of Slaughter Co. It was a lead that Slaughter Co would hold on to for most of the second half. Penalty trouble again plagued STDD and with the help of that blocker advantage and another power jam Slaughter Co built their lead up to 171-103 with 15 minutes to go in the second half.

Just when it looked like Slaughter Co was going to run away with the score, their jammer Dynamite Bitecha was sent to the box and STDD’s ILL-NINJA put up 25 points. Three jams later STDD earned another power jam and ILL-NINJA grabbed another 30 points closing the gap to 13 points with a score of 162 STDD to 175 Slaughter Co.

STDD earned their first lead of the second half with 4:32 to go due to yet another power jam in which ILL-NINJA racked up another 25 points. The last two jams of the bout saw STDD jammer Land Tuna go to the box twice giving Slaughter Co a power jam and 1:01 on the clock. They needed to score at least 10 points to take the lead, and Darth Maulher did just that and more taking advantage of a 4 on 2 blocker advantage and sealing the deal with an apex jump as the game clock ran out. Final score 210-198.

Slaughter County take on Sin City at 2.45p.m. on the first broadcast track tomorrow; Sicktown take on Humbolt on the second at 4p.m.

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