Skater of the Week: Nikki Towner

11114269_896524397072578_4200945295661769777_nName: Nikki Towner

Team: MSRD All Stars

Number: 13

Hometown: Goochland, VA

Time Playing Roller Derby: Almost 10 years.

Time Playing with MSRD: Founder of MSRD in January 2010.

What brought you to Roller Derby? I saw an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch about a league starting up in Richmond and I thought it looked like fun.

Why do you continue to play Roller Derby? I love the sport!

What do you do outside of Roller Derby? Work, hangout with my pup, workout, ski, anything that involves being outside.

Favorite Derby Moment: My first game was pretty exciting – my parents both came to the game from out of town, and I had some friends travel from DC to come see the bout. I was really nervous the whole day leading up to it, but once we got to the rink it turned to pure excitement.

Fun Fact About Nikki:

Adopted her dog, Sheriff, a Dogo Argentino, from the SPCA


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